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MSM links for March 3, 2009 0

MSM links for March 3, 2009

Ohlund would consider waiving no-trade clause, but expects to cash in on July 1 (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Plenty of trade deadline action in the offing (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Why mess with a winning team? (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Burrows repeats his plea to stay (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Canucks’ Edler playing with broken bone in his foot (Vancovuer Sun) Let’s make a deal (Vancouver Sun) March madness (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Devil’s in details for 2010 (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) They could be Canucks trade bait (Tim Campbell, Winnipeg Free Press) Time for the Canucks to wheel and...

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