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The Grant Fuhr Method to Goaltending 3

The Grant Fuhr Method to Goaltending

If you’ve even had a glance at highlights of Men’s Olympic Hockey, you’ve probably developed an opinion on how the tournament has gone so far. Some of you were likely concerned – whether it was a tough first period against Norway, a scare against Switzerland where it took a shootout to win, and then a near complete FAIL in losing to the US. In fact, you probably felt that a Hockey Congress needed to be convened to figure out what ailed the sport in Canada. Then there were others that pointed out that Team Canada is like fine wine, that...

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The Goalie Conundrum 8

The Goalie Conundrum

I supported picking Brodeur as the starting goalie despite enough reasons to justify Luongo being put in net, so at this point I don’t even feel slightly bad about tearing Brodeur a new one. Throw every cliche you can at the game and it’ll in all likelihood make sense. The one I like right now is “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Last night Team Canada played a heck of a game. They were for the most part all over the American team, but Brodeur let them down. I thought Brodeur’s puck handling was going to be to...

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Canada before Canucks 2

Canada before Canucks

So as I get ready to take in Canada vs. Switzerland at GM… err.. Canada Hockey Place later today, I’m fortunately not posed with a problem of who to cheer for. I’m a big fan of Canada – so much so that I’ve pledged to wear a red or Canadian themed shirt (my white Canada Hockey jersey for instance) throughout the Winter Olympics. So what is that problem I speak of? You see, I’m also a diehard Canucks fan. So it’s awesome to see the following players represent six different nations: Roberto Luongo (Canada) Daniel Sedin (Sweden) Henrik Sedin (Sweden)...

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That Monster Road Trip 4

That Monster Road Trip

Now that the Canucks last home game before the Olympics is done it’s time to look forward to those 45 days away from GM Place that includes a 14 game road trip interrupted by the Olympics for two weeks. The Canucks leave GM Place in the hands of VANOC and embark on a 14 game road trip which has a lot of fans worried because going into this road trip they currently own the second worst road record amongst any of the playoff teams in the East and West. That doesn’t paint an accurate picture though as the Canucks in...

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Who Wrote This Schedule? 6

Who Wrote This Schedule?

The Canucks are in a tough spot because they have to give their building up to the VANOC and the IOC for the Olympics and as a result go on an extended 14 game road trip before and after the Olympics. They go on a 14 game road trip because their building is booked and because the beginning of their season is so jam packed full of games right? After the drubbing against Montreal the Canucks had three full days off before playing the Stars on Thanksgiving Sunday and then look forward to another four full days of break before...

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