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Some hits to the head are better than others 1

Some hits to the head are better than others

One cheap shot that particularly irked me was David Backes’ hit to Henrik Sedin’s head. I know this is playoff hockey and Sedin looked fine after the hit, but isn’t this the sort of hit the NHL should be trying to eliminate? To say that the league has been inconsistent in handling head shots is an understatement. Even league disciplinarian Colin Campbell admitted as much on Hockey Night in Canada . (The interview is a telling look at how the league metes out its justice.) Daniel Carcillo gets a one-game suspension for a shot to the head; Michael Cammalleri doesn’t...

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A character comeback 0

A character comeback

As expected, the St. Louis Blues started game 3 like a desperate team that was already down 2-0 in this series. They came at the Vancouver Canucks in waves. They controlled much of the play and forced the Canucks to take 5 penalties, including 3 by Willie Mitchell in one play midway through the period. After the first 20 minutes, they were outshooting the Canucks 12-5 and leading the game 1-0. But even under constant pressure, the Canucks didn’t wilt. Roberto Luongo held them in the game, and they regrouped during the first intermission and turned their game around. Just...

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Back home and feeling the Canucks love 1

Back home and feeling the Canucks love

Tracy and I got back yesterday afternoon; as good the R&R was, it feels better to be home. We checked out of our resort at 5:00 AM, along with the groups of us that stayed up to watch the Canucks beat the Blues the night before. Some of us exchanged email addresses to stay in touch and chat more Canucks hockey. I love that we met cool Canucks fans even down in Jamaica. My sister picked us up from the airport, and almost immediately, we saw two cars with Canucks flags. During the drive home, we saw a lot more....

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MSM links for April 17, 2009 0

MSM links for April 17, 2009

Hockey Night in Canada gives Vancouver the bird (Jonathan McDonald, Vancouver Province) Snow showers around Luongo doesn’t faze goalie (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Let us spray, pesky Blues are saying (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Five-on-five more than a fair fight for the Canucks (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Bernier happy to give Salo credit for goal (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks a better hockey club with Salo on the ice (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Blues coach plays optimism card because ‘we can play better’ (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Wellwood adapts well to new role (Gary Mason, Globe and Mail) Sundin parked...

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I want to beat Al Strachan 0

I want to beat Al Strachan

If there’s one thing I’m easily suckered into, it’s a good, ol’ hockey pool. And the boys from The Score’s Hardcore Hockey Talk have suckered me – and other hockey bloggers – into another one. This pool isn’t for money; it’s for pride. Hockey experts who talk about hockey in front of the cameras in a fancy studio vs. hockey bloggers who supposedly blog in our boxers in our parents basements. If you want to follow how we’re doing, Fantasy Hockey Scouts has all the details; my picks are here. Like this:Like Loading…

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Sisters to men 0

Sisters to men

I’m sure it wasn’t quite like the Canucks Tweetup at the Shark Club, but it was a good time nonetheless. The pub here at the resort put up last night’s game on both of their big screens and Tracy and I watched the game with fellow Canucks fans from Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria. There was also a couple from St. Louis. We were 5,300 kms from home, but while the game was on, it felt very much like home. I was talking to a guy from the Island earlier in the week and he was very critical...

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Loving the sun and looking forward to playoff hockey 0

Loving the sun and looking forward to playoff hockey

The sun and the beaches are nice here in the Caribbean, but I’ll admit my mind is wandering to back home. It’s a strange feeling not being in Vancouver for the start of the playoffs, but the choice was either going this week and missing the first 2 games of the series or going next week and missing, potentially, the final 3 or 4 games. As it turns out, we get CBC here at the resort so we won’t miss any of the games at all. There is quite a large BC contingent staying in the resort. Already, Tracy and...

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Canucks playoff stuff 0

Canucks playoff stuff

First, Canucks playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow. From CDC: The Vancouver Canucks announced today that approximately 1,000 single game tickets for two home games in Round 1 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs will go on sale via phone and internet only on Saturday, April 11th at 10:00 am. Fans can purchase tickets online at www.ticketmaster.ca, or by calling Ticketmaster at (604) 280-4400, or 1 (800) 663-9311. General Motors Place Box Office and Ticketmaster Ticket Centres will not be used to avoid disappointing those fans that traditionally line up for hours without successfully purchasing tickets. Good luck to all....

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