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Canucks vs. Kings: Game 2 Game Day Links 0

Canucks vs. Kings: Game 2 Game Day Links

Photo credit: canucks.nhl.com The Canucks and Kings meet for Game 2 of their Western Conference Quarterfinal Series tonight at 7:00 PM. Does Drew Doughty dare go in Alex Edler’s space again? Will Pavol Demitra show up? Can Andrew Alberts cut back on the dumb penalties? All this and more in today’s game day links: I hope Alex Edler eats his Wheaties for breakfast again. [Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun] Paging Pavol. [Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun, Allan Muir, Sports Illustrated] Rome still out. That means more of Alberts. [Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun] AV has Alberts’ back. [Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun] LA wants...

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Moral of the Story: Don’t Take Stupid Penalties 1

Moral of the Story: Don’t Take Stupid Penalties

I’ll admit I’ve defended Andrew Alberts during his short and adventurous stint with the Canucks so far. He adds some size and a physical element to the team’s blueline, and in a limited role, he was playing better as he became more accustomed to new teammates and a new system. At least I thought he was playing better until last night. Alberts played only 8:25 last night before he was ejected in the second period for boarding Brad Richardson. For his transgressions, he earned a 5-minute major and a game misconduct, and effectively took away some of the momentum the...

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Game One Reflections 0

Game One Reflections

Let me start by saying that at 6:30 PM I was still downtown at SFU’s Harbour Centre, stuck in the middle of lecture and agonizing over when we were going to get an effin’ break. Yes, I was ducking out early (there was no way in hell I was going to miss Game One!). By 6:35, I was sprinting to Waterfront station. Somehow, I managed to get home by 7 PM on the nose. Thank God. The Canucks started the game off with a similar work ethic in the first period. I thought they had some jump early and fed...

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Keys to a Canucks Series Win 4

Keys to a Canucks Series Win

This should be the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately for Canucks fans, it’s also usually the most heartbreaking. This year, however, there’s a different feeling in this city. We’re excited and nervous, but also optimistic. Perhaps the most optimistic we’ve been in years. The Canucks had a regular season to remember – I posted about all the team’s great accomplishments this year. They can run-and-gun with the best of them, and they’re one of the NHL’s most exciting teams. They repeated as Northwest Division champions and have home-ice advantage (at least for the first round). They have depth...

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Tom’s Fearless Playoff Predictions 0

Tom’s Fearless Playoff Predictions

A lot of hockey reporters publicly lament this time of year, when the public expects them to make their playoff predictions known. The reasons behind their reluctance are simple and twofold. One, there are far more variables at play during a series than a single, winner-take-all game. Secondly, no one who is paid on the basis of their hockey expertise wants to be proven hopelessly wrong. Well, no one here gets paid for their opinions. And I have no fear of making my ambition public. 15-0 baby. A perfect season of playoff series predictions. If we can scale Mount Everest…...

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Looking Backwards to Predict the Future 1

Looking Backwards to Predict the Future

For NHL players, playoff hockey comes down to one magic number: 16. 16 wins gets your name on the Stanley Cup and a place in hockey history. Since the 2004-05 lockout, eight teams have competed in the Stanley Cup final – Detroit (twice), Pittsburgh (twice), Anaheim, Ottawa, Carolina and Edmonton. A close examination of these teams provides us with some possible insight into what to expect over the next couple of months. Lesson #1 – You can’t win the Cup if you don’t score. Every Cup finalist has been a top-ten scoring team during the regular season, except Edmonton, who...

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Grading the West 2

Grading the West

No one wants to play the dreaded Wings, but who would you rather the Canucks face in the first round: Nashville, Los Angeles, Colorado, or Calgary? Let’s grade the top nine teams in the Western Conference (throwing Calgary in the mix on the slight chance they snag the final spot) in three categories: Offense, Defense, and Goaltending. I’ve assigned a grade by giving the top NHL team in that category a mark of 100% and the lowest 50%, and used that scale to calculate a percentage for each team and then translate into a letter grade. Make sense? We’ll look...

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The Playoff Odds 6

The Playoff Odds

Every March, intelligent hockey fans turn to Sports Club Stats to assess the odds of NHL teams making the playoffs, and to predict their playoff position once the season ends. Be thankful for computers. They do the heavy lifting, calculating every possible combination of game results (numbering in the hundreds of thousands). Factors such as a team’s home ice performance are worked in, and the odds are recalculated after every night’s games. The Canucks Vancouver has all but clinched a postseason berth, with only a 1 in 10,000 chance of missing at this point. No surprise there: the Canucks have...

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