May 032010

I continued my trend of baking things to show my level of hockey nerd last night and made Hanky a cake to celebrate his Art Ross trophy and his Hart trophy nomination. There’s something calming and meditative about dyeing icing blue and green. Then, I stumbled upon a calendar this morning while looking something else up and realized that today is my one year anniversary writing here. Plus it’s game day! So really this cake can celebrate a whole trio of things.

Mar 302010

- So our very own lovely Hank Sedin was the first player to get to 100 points. Wow! I was chatting on twitter and mentioned that I would bake Hank 100 cuppycakes when he reached 100 points. It was mostly a joke and I figured it would take him a little longer to do so but hey a declaration on twitter is fairly binding. So, this holiday weekend I will be making a big pile of cuppycakes with Swedish flags and Canucks colours. Maybe even Swedish fish. Look for a post documenting the deliciousness.

- Mr. Hanky has also been talked up as a Hart trophy favourite(MVP). I think in the end the Eastern bias of most voters will leave him high and dry and they’ll give it to Ovechkin or one of the other stars but I would love to see him win. has an interesting bit of info in regards to Hank being the points leader that whould help his case for trophies if I were voting

“Henrik may be benefiting from the fact that Ovechkin has missed 10 games this season, but of the NHL’s top five scorers, only Sedin is playing fewer than 20 minutes per game. The others are averaging at least two minutes more per contest.”

Hank wants to make you some Swedish HARTballs. Be careful he might give you a HARTattack!

- Just one more brief Hank note. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures to sip your morning coffee and pull up the NHL leaders page on to see Hank’s funny little mug shot at the top of the points AND assists columns.

- You know what’s very irksome? Looking at the conference standings and having the Canucks be the only team in the top four of both conferences to not have officially clinched a playoff spot. It’s such a tease! I want to be able to start swooning over playoff beards and put my flag up (on my door since I don’t have a car) and paint my nails and face and all that delightfully silly stuff. So pull up your hockey socks boys! Just win a couple games and get that adorable little X by your name.

- Honestly, I have a hard time coming up with a “Things better than a playoff beard” list. They just make me coo. I find the wide variety of beards on any one team to be amusing. Alex Burrows has the tiny thin very French looking one and Luongo looks like a hairy drug lord. A beard for every taste!

- So, Shane baybee was late to practice yesterday and then AV refused to even answer a question about him. Today it came out that he’s scratched for tonight’s game AND won’t be making the trip to California. My goodness. There’s obviously a little more to this than just being late once. He had been playing so well recently too. Oh Shane. He’s like that boy in high school you liked a lot but would always end up disappointing you with his bad choices. See, this is why I don’t need a soap opera in my life. I have my hockey team!

- There are a new batch of playoff ads asking what if X player hadn’t scored that goal or what if X event hadn’t happened. I really like the Bobby Orr one but the Mark Messier one is just mean. Hasn’t he stolen enough Canucks fans metaphorical baby blankets already? Get off my TV! I still prefer the Cup Raise ad from last season for all my pure goose bump needs.

- I have a long history of hating on the NHL’s marketing when it comes to their female apparel, accessories, and well everything really. I mean sure a lot of it would work if my one goal was to get Sidney Crosby to see my “I’d give my kidney to make out with Sidney” sign at the game. But for the serious female fan it’s generally a horror show. So colour me surprised when I kind of fell in love with the Canucks bikini. No pink! No sparkles! A flattering fit! Team colours! Is it Christmas? Perfect for a long playoff run…

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