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Adventures at game three 0

Adventures at game three

Oh how naive I was yesterday. Was game three the best game ever? Not by a long shot. It was painful for large stretches and left me almost physically sick for hours after it was over. I really am just a very bad loser. But you know what? Today I woke up with a feeling that it was awesome. It was my first ever playoff game and I wouldn’t give that experience back for anything. Doolins treated me ridiculously well and sent me, my guest, and two lovely guys that were also contest winners to the game in a LIMO....

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Deja Vu 0

Deja Vu

- And so we play the Hawks again. This city is jazzed. Everyone wants some redemption for last year. Saturday is a longggg wait to see game 1. It can’t come soon enough. The Canucks are a better team this year. We have our secret weapon highest scoring muppet around…Mikael Samuelsson! The Art Ross winner Hanky “Pinata” Sedin! But really the best improvement is the vibe the whole team has this season. Maybe they talked to the Dali Lama this summer or maybe it’s just the fantastic Ryan Walter’s leadership values but they are very zen this season. The biggest...

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Kings! 4


And so it all begins on Thursday. Canucks/Kings round one. The most wonderful time of year where you feel sick to your stomach from the moment you wake up to the moment the puck drops and well beyond that. Many consume alcohol like a freshman on spring break in Miami. Every save, every goal, you feel your heart pounding in your chest. The Canucks match up well against the Kings. I think it should be a fun series. They have a bunch of young talent. We have twins! I’m a wee bit nervous about Luongo and the defence but hey...

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