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C4 - a CHB podcast

Take Two – April 3, 2015

Chris, Clay & Matt reunite to record a second attempt of episode 55 when the first version goes sideways. They chat the Canucks road-trip, Burrows hit on Gaustad and lack of suspension, and a whole lot more!

Channeling the Power of the 5-7-5: Your Canucks Haiku

We were set to record our latest episode of our C4 podcast last night so per usual I sent the word out via my @CanuckClay Twitter account that I was looking for Canucks haiku.  And in particular, I wanted people to try to encapsulate their feelings on the Canucks as they enter into the final two weeks of the regular season. As always, the people responded, and I had a plethora of good 17-syllable creations ready for the podcast.  Unfortunately, we encountered some unforeseeable technical difficulties (and really…when are technical difficulties ever foreseen???) and thus the podcast we recorded (or...

C4 - a CHB podcast

Not So Fast, Playoffs – March 30, 2015

Adam Ovenell-Carter rejoins Matt & Chris in Clay’s absence to chat about the Canucks two lacklustre home starts, the upcoming four-game road trip and what it will take to consider it successful. They also nominate a few Canucks for end-of-season awards you know, and a few trophies you may not know much about. And playoffs – the Canucks are so close that you can taste the post-season!

C4 - a CHB podcast

Matt Loves Bo – March 26, 2015

Chris, Matt & Clay are back with episode 53 of the C4 podcast and are joined by special guest Adam Ovenell-Carter. Chatter ranges from the Canucks big wins over the past week, Matt’s love for Bo Horvat and reaction to the Chris Tanev deal. And as always, no podcast is complete without a little #AskCHB, #CHBHaiku and Zack Kassian. Wait, we may have missed out talking about Zack Kassian.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Getting Healthy, Giving Tickets – March 12, 2015

Chris, Matt & Clay start off episode 52 of the C4 podcast by giving away a pair of Canucks tickets to a lucky listener. They also take a gander at tonight’s match-up against the Los Angeles Kings and ponder out loud whether Bo Horvat is the real deal or not. And as always, no podcast is complete without a little #AskCHB, #CHBHaiku and Zack Kassian.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Tight in the Pacific – March 9, 2015

In episode 51 of the podcast, Matt & Clay remind you about the huge contest giveaway of two tickets to see the Canucks and Blue Jackets on March 19! They also chat about the Canucks’ precarious playoff position and should they make the playoffs, what the roster should look like.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Want Canucks Tickets? – March 5, 2015

To celebrate episode 50 of the C4 podcast, Chris, Clay and Matt have a pair of Canucks tickets to giveaway! That’s on top of conversation about Conacher, Baertschi and Markstrom’s recent start. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

C4 - a CHB podcast

Load Up/Ship Out – March 1, 2015

Episode 49 of the C4 podcast has J.J. joining Chris and Matt to discuss the Canucks going 3 for 5 on the road and the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Wacko for Lack-o – February 23, 2015

Episode 48 has Clay and Matt talking about Eddie Lack (again) and what it will mean for him to fill the starter role as Miller is out with injury. And guess what, there’s also some love for Zack Kassian! All that and more in the latest episode of the C4 podcast.

C4 - a CHB podcast

Nothing Lack-ing with Eddie – February 18, 2015

Episode 47 has Clay and Matt talking about Eddie Lack and what it would take to trade him out of town – of if a trade should even be considered! All that and more in this extra episode of the C4 podcast.

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