Apr 042012
Higgins flips Shirts

Higgins flips shirts not cars.

I know it surprises quite a few people that Chris Higgins is as productive as he is considering how terrible his time spent in Calgary, Florida and New York was, but to be fair, those teams were all awful to begin with. Florida is only now on the verge of the playoffs. The Rangers are an Eastern powerhouse now but they were once a group of overpaid, over-aged and underachieving veterans. The Flames…well, the Flames haven’t changed, I guess.

But anyone who watched Higgins in his first three seasons in Montreal could tell you how much of an impact player he was. There was talk amongst Habs fans that he could be their future captain and it wasn’t hard to see why, putting up 38-points in his first two years and 52 in his third. Combine those Cody Hodgson or Mason Raymond (quite similar to MayRay actually…since his 4th year was terrible) numbers with his physical play and never quit work ethic and you have a pretty complete player. Not top end talent but a guy with character you could use on your team. The Canucks have given Higgins the opportunity to win and he’s run with it. We’re getting the guy New York thought they were getting in the Scott Gomez trade.

Want an example of that work ethic? You don’t get a washboard like that sitting on your ass.

Apr 032012
Alain is not Amused

Rioting is no giggling matter.

I’ve always thought AV was a funny guy. A little dry wit at appropriate times, usually at the expense of local media but still, while he maintained that stoneface for many of his early Canucks years, this year in particular he’s really lightened up. I don’t think I need to remind any Canucks fans of his uncontrollable giggle-fits as Vernon Fiddler did his best Kevin Bieksa impression. Seems it doesn’t take much to give Coach V an attack of the funnies.

On the other hand, AV does not find wrecking Vancouver very funny…so don’t do it or he’ll bag skate you til next playoffs.

Apr 022012
Robbery by Schneider

Cory only commits robbery between the pipes.

I was downtown during the game 7 fiasco and walking down Granville Street, some guy handed my buddy several pairs of board shorts, several sizes too large for anyone who’s name doesn’t end with “the Hutt”. I wondered why on earth he took them from the store because one, he wasn’t going to wear them and two, since he was handing them off, he wasn’t even taking them home to use as table cloths or car covers. But that about sums up a lot of silliness that happened after the 4-0 game. Just people being stupid for the purpose of being stupid.

What’s also stupid is how the Canucks backup goaltender has been playing…stupid awesome, that is. Cory would like to remind you to steal games, steal wins, steal goals from opposing players…but leave the Hutt shorts in the clearance bin where they belong.

Apr 012012
Lappy and Burr Disturb

Be a disturbance on the ice. Not in the streets.

In honor of our French-Canadian-pests-supreme-turned-first-line-wingers, today’s CHB PSA is brought to you by Maxim Lapierre and Alex Burrows, who have six points between them since they got bumped up to the first line with Henrik Sedin. Burr and Lappy would like to remind you that being a jerk is only okay on the ice…whenever the referee isn’t looking.

Mar 312012
Stan Likes Steam

Don't burn our home. Stan likes steam, not smoke.

I’m guessing some of our younger fans aren’t going to know about Stan Smyl, which is too bad because he meant as much to the franchise from ’78 to ’91 as many of the modern era’s leaders. There’s a reason his jersey is up in the rafters of Rogers Arena. Remember how Trevor Linden scored the Canucks two goals in game seven of the ’94 finals? Smyl had the only one in a 3-1 game four that saw the Islanders, who were a powerhouse compared to the Canucks in 1982, sweep Vancouver. He wasn’t the captain in that run but he was given the C the year after. That was also the only one of the Canucks Stanley Cup Final appearances that didn’t end in a huge mess downtown.

Steamer might be 54 now but I still wouldn’t mess with him…so don’t mess with Vancouver, or you might have to answer to Stan Smyl.

Mar 302012
Disappointed Trevor

If you smash a window, Trevor would be mad. He'll just be disappointed.

Vancouver seems to want to move away from public gatherings in the city and trying to move people to suburban areas but let’s face it, the downtown core will be packed as long as the Canucks are in the playoffs.

So when you’re out there this post-season, we here at CHB would like to remind you to have a great time but that if you do decide to start some trouble, your actions will have consequences. Not only will you make poor Roberto Luongo cry, but you might get a look like this from Trevor Linden. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to disappoint a man that played on one leg to try and bring Lord Stanley to Vancouver. I’m sure he was pretty close already when people needed to be told not to torch their own city.

So don’t disappoint Trevor, folks. More tomorrow!

Mar 292012

Yesterday, the Canucks launched their Celebrate Responsibly Campaign with a series of touching videos each titled “This Is Our Home.”

Showcasing the natural beauty of the region, ‘This is Our Home’ promotes a simple message of the inclusive and positive nature of sports and community. It shares the values of the season-long Heart of A Canuck tradition celebrating courage, honor, humility, integrity and passion.

After seeing the events that took place immediately after Game 7 last year, you can count us here at CHB to be in full support of the campaign. We count ourselves as some of the best Canucks fans out there and it pained us significantly to see other so-called fans unleash terror and chaos on many innocent people & businesses. And as the premiere Canucks blog, we thought it prudent to provide you our own posters in support of the campaign (albeit a more tongue-in-cheek take).

The first in the series is the Sad Luongo poster. Feel free to spread far and wide!

Sad Luongo

Don't set cars on fire. You'll make Luongo Cry.

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