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The Sedins’ race for the Art Ross and other weekend thoughts 0

The Sedins’ race for the Art Ross and other weekend thoughts

Some weekend thoughts: I’ve had a hard time putting into words what a pleasure it is to watch Hank and Danny night in night out this season. Usually, I just end up making squeaky noises that only dogs can hear. But I mean really they cycle the puck like two freakin identical wizards, and they’re sandwiching Stamkos at the top of the NHL standings. (Don’t you think Stamkos looks SO much like the main kid in The Sandlot? If you have not seen The Sandlot stop reading and go find it right now.) Hanky won it last year and Danny...

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Rick Rypien on Manitoba Moose Clear-Day List 0

Rick Rypien on Manitoba Moose Clear-Day List

From the sounds of things, Rick Rypien is ready to make his return… with the Manitoba Moose. From Ken Wiebe: There was no other wheeling and dealing for the Manitoba Moose as the American Hockey League roster freeze came to pass on Monday. But as the list was released Tuesday morning, there was an interesting development. Forward Rick Rypien was among those on the in-residence players who can be used when the Moose find themselves in an emergency situation — as they do now with any combination of three or more players out of the lineup due to injury, recall...

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Ask Katie about the Canucks: Callups, Cups and Some Bertuzzi Love 1

Ask Katie about the Canucks: Callups, Cups and Some Bertuzzi Love

[Every Monday, Katie Maximick takes your questions and gives her take on the Canucks in her own cantankerous style. If you have any questions about the Canucks, send it to her via Twitter (@KMaximick)] After a successful weekend working with Five Hole for Food’s hockey event on Granville in the pouring rain, my cold is worse than ever, and as result, perhaps I’m even a bit more cantankerous than usual.  However, I’ll try not to let this affect my answers to your Canucks-related questions. Andrew asks: What do you think of the rookies that have been called up and put...

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Retooling Without Rypien 0

Retooling Without Rypien

With Rick Rypien having left the team indefinitely to take care of personal issues we’ve had several games to see if his presence has really been missed. Has it really? I wouldn’t say so. Before we go any further, let’s make it clear that I feel for the guy and hope he can get back on track as soon as possible. He’s not in a good place and no one deserves to be there. That said, can the Canucks afford to keep a guy like him in the dressing room? Do they have to afford keeping him? I can’t even...

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Rick Rypien Takes a Personal Timeout 3

Rick Rypien Takes a Personal Timeout

The Canucks have granted Rick Rypien an indefinite leave of absence for personal reasons. Not surprisingly, the Canucks aren’t releasing any details but have pledged support for their player. Neither player nor club has ever explained Rypien’s months-long leave of absence two years ago, and it doesn’t appear any details will be offered this time, as coach Alain Vigneault refused this morning to discuss the latest leave. But Rypien’s “personal” issues are widely believed related to the 25-year-old’s mental health. The Canucks will be doing everything they can to help him. It would be easy to speculate on what the...

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Out of Town Notebook: Blueline Blues, A Katy Perry Reference, and Are the Stars for Real? 0

Out of Town Notebook: Blueline Blues, A Katy Perry Reference, and Are the Stars for Real?

[Every weekend, Canucks Hockey Blog goes out of town as Tom Wakefield (@tomwakefield88) posts his thoughts on what’s happening around the NHL.] In honour of Katy Perry’s recent “cleavage-gate” on Sesame Street, let’s play a game of “One of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong Here.” The Chicago Blackhawks. The New York Islanders. The Dallas Stars. The Pittsburgh Penguins. Behold the top four teams in NHL standings. Which one doesn’t belong? If you guessed the New York Islanders, you’d be wrong. Sure they’re probably not a playoff team, but their youngsters have taken a step forward and coach Scott Gordon has...

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The Other Side Of the Coin 1

The Other Side Of the Coin

I still stand by my post about Rypien. He did act like a moron and he did disappoint me as a fan. But Justin Bourne has a really interesting post up on Puck Daddy about fan abuse from a NHL player’s perspective that explores Rypien’s side of things more clearly. I’ve heard the comparison this week that the NHL is the equivalent of a workplace. And you’re not allowed to grab and be tempted to punch a paying customer in your workplace. A good code of conduct to be sure but the NHL is a very untraditional workplace. Am I...

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Same Time, Same Place 2

Same Time, Same Place

After 7 games last season, the Vancouver Canucks had 6 points (3-4-0). After the first 7 games this season, they have – yes you guessed it – 6 points (2-3-2). The Canucks aren’t scoring as much but they’re not allowing as many goals against either. Given this, it’s probably not surprising that their powerplay isn’t as good but their penalty kill is better. As much criticism as Luongo has received in the last couple of days, his save percentage after the Canucks’ first 7 games is slightly higher this season (6 GP, 1-3-2, 175 shots against, 0.903 save%) than it...

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I Took My Rick Rypien Jersey Off 5

I Took My Rick Rypien Jersey Off

J.J. covered the Rick Rypien/fan altercation quite well already (complete with video) but I’ll add some personal thoughts. After Ohlie left for the Lightning and broke my heart Rypien became my new favourite Canuck. I love my checkers and my defencemen. I have his jersey in my closet and I mentioned him in my recent bio for the blog. Anyways, his move last night was disgusting and stupid. Most likely the Minnesota Wild fan was saying something rude and insulting but you can’t try to fight a fan like you fight another player on the ice. You just can’t. They...

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Rick Rypien Gone Wild 2

Rick Rypien Gone Wild

Lord knows Rick Rypien plays with a lot of emotion. But it’s one thing for him to channel emotions to spark his team and another to lose control of them. Rypien should expect a not-so-good morning phone call from Colin Campbell. If the swift reaction on Twitter – from Canucks fans and every other hockey fan alike – is any indication, he should expect a suspension. And especially after ESPN and all those US networks that don’t normally show hockey highlights start playing the clip on their nightly sports shows, expect it be a hefty one. I’m not sure what...

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