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A look at Samuelsson’s numbers since “The Snub” 4

A look at Samuelsson’s numbers since “The Snub”

Samuelsson has just been lights out since Sweden looked him over for the Olympic Roster and since he had some choice words for the Swedish Hockey Federation. Unfortunately he’s now on the injured reserve and despite the implications of that injury to the Canucks offense, it’s unfortunate to see the guy go down whilst setting so many career bests in his 10th year in the NHL. When you look at his numbers and the way he’s re-sparked the Sedins he’s done more for this team than just bring us offense when it was needed. Re-sparking the Sedins goes a long...

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What Makes the 09-10 Edition of the Canucks Unique? 2

What Makes the 09-10 Edition of the Canucks Unique?

With most teams in the NHL you can point to one player on the team who is the face of the franchise. The Capitals belong to Ovechkin, the Penguins belong to Malkin, the Islanders are Tavares’ and the Kings are Kopitar’s. The list goes on but the point is most teams have one face, one super star that either makes or breaks the team based on how they play. With that concept in mind, these Canucks once were Luongos. The face of the 2006-07 franchise-record-49-Win Canucks, was Luongo. He won his first career playoff series single-handedly, and lost his second...

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Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win 6

Canucks Celebrate Team Canada’s Win

Apparently, the Canucks got together in Columbus to watch Team Canada win Olympic Gold against Team USA. Like countless other Canadians, Alain Vigneault was a nervous wreck. “Come on, Louie,” the Vancouver Canucks coach said for about the 100th time as overtime started in Sunday’s Olympic final between Canada and the United States. From about 5,000 kilometres away, Vigneault was doing everything he could to will his goaltender, Roberto Luongo, and the rest of Team Canada to a gold medal. And like every other Canadian, they celebrated when Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal in overtime. Check out the video...

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Edler not on Team Sweden 4

Edler not on Team Sweden

The Canucks had 4 players considered potential Olympian members of Team Sweden’s national hockey team when the world comes to Vancouver for in 2010. Henrik and Daniel Sedin were locks for the team, Edler has emerged as a top defenceman in the NHL and was considered to be one of the blue liners for the yellow and blue, and Samuelsson who already has an Olympic Gold medal to his name was the fourth Canuck who was likely to represent Sweden in the Olympics. After Sweden announced their roster this morning Canuck nation was a little riled up that blonde haired,...

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Samuelsson: The Swedish Solution 2

Samuelsson: The Swedish Solution

There was expectation that Samuelsson upon inking a 3 year deal in the off season, was going to be the next Marc Chouinard, or Jan Bulis, the general feeling about him was that he was going to under perform. In fact he’s done the complete opposite. After finding his way onto the Canucks, his 6th NHL team, the Swede has stepped up and led this team offensively through it’s plague of injuries. Samuelsson in Detroit was hampered by the fact that he wasn’t going to get top minutes because of the quality of depth Detroit has always had. Put him...

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Samuelsson Flying Under the Radar 3

Samuelsson Flying Under the Radar

The Media is always quick to jump on a player for not doing well, as was the case after Samuelsson was on the ice for four goals in the Columbus game and in the box for their 5th, but since the start of the season, and all through the pre-season, one of the best players on the ice has been hardly noticed by anyone and has gone almost unnoticed in any praise handed out after the game. In Tuesday’s papers, the Province, Sun and even smaller papers like 24 Hours, Salo got full coverage, Daniel got coverage, and you’d think...

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Canucks Links for September 13, 2009 0

Canucks Links for September 13, 2009

Photo credit: canucks.nhl.com I’ll be going to training camp today so keep an eye out on my Twitter feed. In the meantime, here are some Canucks-related links on the Interweb: Joe Pelletier welcomes everyone to Terrace, Hockeyville. Move over Ryan Walter, the new Canucks have Stanley Cup rings too. Vigneault is looking for this season’s Kesler and Burrows. Tony Gallagher doesn’t want four more years of Vigneault. Mark Parrish got giddy when he got the call from the Canucks. Raymond and Wellwood need to watch their back. Taylor Pyatt is starting over in Phoenix. Like this:Like Loading…

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