Nov 072009

Cory Schneider was sent down today to allow Luongo to get back in the lineup, but Cory on his trip up with the big team did something he’s failed to do in all his other appearances. He shone. The goaltending prospect stood on his head to do everything he could to ensure a win for the Canucks and the Canucks let him down in his one and only showing against the Stars.

Schneider likely won’t have many other opportunities to impress, especially if Luongo stays healthy for the remainder of the season. Last year when Schneider got called up he did not look ready. He had a record below .500 when starting for the Canucks and there were many times when he looked clearly out of place in the NHL; One particular instance being a shootout against Colorado where he let in all 3 shots in a loss to the avalanche. This however his only chance may have changed his fate with the team.

Raycroft’s play, indicative of what he’s really capable of, is an indication that he’s not the same Andrew Raycroft that played in Colorado last season. In fact, as is the case with most backups to Luongo, they have one year on the bench and then go on to find bigger and better things a la Labarbera, Sanford, and Sabourin. My money is on him walking after the season on numbers which will earn him a salary he’d much rather have than the league minimum he’s earning right now.

If Schneider gets any other opportunities it could be his key to a roster spot with the Canucks. Cap issues aside, Schneider needs to be eased into the NHL. His contract is up after this season, and if the Canucks are backup-less come July, which is very likely, and Schneider has made his case that he’s a legitimate NHL goalie, the youngster might still be able to make the team on a one or two year deal. Now fitting him under the cap becomes a totally different story, especially with key free agents like Kesler and Mitchell taking priority this off season, but Schneider’s showing against Dallas just might have been the last chance he’ll get to make a case for himself.

May 152009

- Cody Hodgson made his Moose debut tonight and scored his first pro point as the Moose took game one against the Aeros 2-1. That’s so exciting! If Canucks fans get what they’re hoping for, Cody won’t spend much time at all with the Moose, but it’s nice to see he’s fitting in so well. It sounds like Cory Scheider was great as well because the baby Canucks were outshot 32-18. It’s going to be good news for Gillis if guys like Cody, Cory, and Michael Grabner can step in for the big team next season. Game summary here

- The Canucks website is putting out specials about the mum’s trip and the players that brought their mummies and they are absolutely charming. So far we’ve learned that Willie Mitchell was in the shower when the Devils drafted him and asked his Grandma to take a message, Ryan Kesler was the only 8 year old that knew what backchecking was, Alex Burrows’ mummy asked him to speak to her class of students, and Mason Raymond knows how ride a horse and played hockey with his dog.

- Darcy Hordichuk wrote his last blog of the season and it is pretty delightful. It’s been fun learning a bit more about him behind the scenes and he really seemed to love playing in Vancouver this past year.

- Richard and J.J are doing a great job of covering the Canucks UFAs and the whole discussion over keeping Lui or not, so I figured I would do a little research about some of the baby draft picks the Canucks could possibly pick in June. I went to the draft last year and it was a total blast. These little babies in suits make me cooo. You just want them to do well. We’ve got to pass this off season somehow, so look for that in the next few days.

- My most favourite Swede and hockey boyfriend Matty Ohlund is really sounding like he’s leaving Vancouver. It makes me a sad panda but I guess all good things have to come to end eventually. He’s a classy gent and he understands and I’m sure he’ll be fab wherever he goes. But anyways, darlings, this means I’m going to be out a favourite player next season. Any thoughts on what Canuck I should line up for next season? I might do a series of posts on that later in the off season. It’s going to be jumping around here don’t you worry!

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