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I have rose-colored Gillis glasses 11

I have rose-colored Gillis glasses

Unlike Richard, I don’t believe that Gillis is spending too much money on too few key pieces. (Hey, just because we write on the same site doesn’t mean we can’t have different opinions.) While I agree that the Sedins and Luongo (current contract and any future contract extension) take up more than one-third of the Canucks’ cap room, I don’t think this necessarily means that he has handcuffed himself financially, and a quick trip down the salary cap era memory lane proves this. In the 2006/2007 season when the salary cap was at $44 million, the Anaheim Ducks won the...

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Salary Cap Conundrum 9

Salary Cap Conundrum

Gillis made clear upon his arrival to the franchise that he was a mover and a shaker, while I got the impression some of the things he said were almost a show for the media, other things he said, he’s stuck by. Gillis has struggled to put his mark on the team, to make that one move that marks the Canucks as Gillis’ Canucks – yet. After suggesting to the media and the fans that he was coming in with a revolving door policy, he’s stayed quiet relative to what we’d come to expect, and now facing the restructuring of...

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The devils he knew 0

The devils he knew

The more I absorb the contracts handed out to this year’s group of unrestricted free agents, the more I appreciate the Sedins’ new contract. Committing a combined $61 million over the next 5 years to Henrik and Daniel isn’t peanuts, except when compared to some of the massive terms handed out to lesser players. I’m glad Mike Gillis got this deal done. If the Sedins had walked, Gillis would have been faced with a complete rebuild of the Canucks’ top line. If it had come to that, his options would have been limited – he either has to anoint the...

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Markus, Trevor, the Steamer… and the Sedins? 2

Markus, Trevor, the Steamer… and the Sedins?

With the Sedins now locked up for another 5 years with a no-movement clause – a contract term that will take them to 14 years of service with the Vancouver Canucks – it may be time to start paying attention to where they stand among the franchise’s all-time leading scorers. CANUCKS FRANCHISE LEADER IN POINTS [Table=31] CANUCKS FRANCHISE LEADER IN GOALS [Table=32] CANUCKS FRANCHISE LEADER IN ASSISTS [Table=33] In fact, the Sedins only need to average 60 points per season for the next 5 seasons to catch up to Markus Naslund as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer. Considering both have...

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Sedins ink 5 year $30.5 Million Extension 4

Sedins ink 5 year $30.5 Million Extension

In what has been an up and down drama all week Canucks fans can rest easy for the rest of the day. The tough work is done for now. After the Sedin’s accepted a 5 year 30.5 million dollar offer to come back as Canucks the collective remainder of Canuck nation heaved a giant sigh heard echoing through downtown. The Sedins had originally wanted a 12 year deal and it looks like Gillis won on that front getting them to stick to a 5 year deal. The cost was a larger cap hit which borders my comfort level with what...

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Less than 24 hours left for compromise 0

Less than 24 hours left for compromise

If Jack Bauer can save the world in 24 hours, surely Mike Gillis and the Sedins can compromise on a contract extension in the same time frame. Right? Some of the negotiation details that were leaked out in the past week are sketchy, but I’ll try my best to sift through them and determine where Gillis and the Sedins can compromise. The Sedins’ proposal was for identical, 12-year/$64 million contracts for each twin (front loaded in the amount of $43 million in the first 5 years); the cap hit works out to about $5.25 million each. (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province)...

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Mr. Gillis, You Are Making a Mistake 2

Mr. Gillis, You Are Making a Mistake

Since hearing the news first break about the Sedins wanting a mammoth 12 year contract for $63 million each, there’s been little news of legitimate progress along those lines, or against them. I was recently discussing with Tyler of NHL Digest the value the Sedins have and how to measure their worth. Lets break it down then. They’re 82 point player. They’re point per game players during the regular and post season. For arguments sake lets look at players that get points in a +/- 4 point range from their 82 points. 86 – Joe Thronton 84 – Jeff Carter...

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Sedin Swedish for ‘Cha-Ching’ 6

Sedin Swedish for ‘Cha-Ching’

As the July first deadline draws closer, Canucks fans everywhere, yours truly included, have been wondering what’s going to happen to the Sedins. It’s arguable that for a while now they’ve been the backbone of the franchise and without them we wouldnt be able to compete. They are our top point getters and co-lead the team this season with 82 points a piece in the regular season, and 10 points a piece in the post season. We finally get some insight into what they want as a Swedish newspaper is reporting that if the Canucks want to keep the twins...

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Here we are again 4

Here we are again

So, it’s been a while, eh? This lovely summer weather hit and I turned into a total blogger slacker. I do apologize my lovelies. – The Penguins win last night delighted me. There’s a lot of guys I like individually on the Wings but I just wanted it more for the Penguins. Tangers made me weep when he mentioned Luc Bourdon and winning it with him. That is why I wanted the Penguins to pull it off. Geno Malkin was ALL KINDS of adorable in his post game interview. Oh the broken English “Big day…my life…my friends happy…I happy” Ahhhhh....

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The art of walking away 2

The art of walking away

In talking about the Sedins’ contract extension talks this morning, Jason Botchford (Vancouver Province) mentioned something interesting: The Canucks’ bargaining strategy hinges on two things: The belief the twins were honest when they said they are willing to take less to stay in Vancouver, and the fact Gillis is willing to walk away. Without a deal nearing the middle of June, it’s clear Gillis believes life can go on without the twins. He wouldn’t have let it go this long if he didn’t believe he can reload without the Sedins. It’s neither ideal nor his first choice. Both the trade...

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