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MSM links for February 24, 2009 0

MSM links for February 24, 2009

Coach weathers vicious storm (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Unless injuries strike, Canucks will be quiet at trade deadline (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Gillis ‘confident’ Canucks will re-sign Sedins (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Just a hometown boy (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Luongo implores mates to shoot low (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks battle the Habs (Bob Mackin, 24 Hours Vancouver) Canadiens send Price a strong message (Pat Hickey, National Post) Montreal hands reins to backup Halak (Sean Gordon, Globe and Mail) Dezzy makes most of spot with Moose (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press)

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MSM links for February 23, 2009 0

MSM links for February 23, 2009

Gloom meets Canucks in Montreal (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Attention gets deflected (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks reach rock and roll status on road trip (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Revenge is a dish best served in blue-and-white (Michael Traikos, National Post) Sundin returns to haunt Leafs (Tim Wharsby, Globe and Mail) Sundin gets some loving, then boos (Bill Lankoff, Slam Sports) Sedins, tempting twins (Lance Hornby, Slam Sports) Too many Clark Kents, no Superman (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press) Sports teams plan for deepening recession (Bruce Constantineau, Vancouver Sun)

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The difference between very good and great 2

The difference between very good and great

In an interview on the TEAM 1040, Mike Gillis mentioned that playoff success was not a prerequisite to getting a contract done with Henrik and Daniel Sedin. Maybe not, but if they hope to get that $6.5 million per year contract, it should be. The Sedins’ current $3.575 million per year contract was signed prior to the 2006/2007 season – the season after the Westcoast Express was dismantled and the Sedins became the Canucks’ go-to guys. And in the 2+ regular seasons since then, they’ve done just that. Consider their production against other players with a cap hit of $5...

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MSM links for February 20, 2009 0

MSM links for February 20, 2009

Canucks take lead and keep it to beat Senators 5-2 (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Scoring was never really his thing (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Sundin circus to Sedin circus (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Yes, they can: Canucks beat Senators 5-2 (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Rebuilding the blueline (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Sundin’s road show arrives in Ontario (Roy MacGregor, Globe and Mail) The Sundin train to TO stops in Ottawa (Wayne Scanlan, Ottawa Citizen) Double trouble for Sens (Ken Warren, Ottawa Citizen) Sundin deserves nothing less than cheers in TO (Sam Craig, The Hockey News via Metro News Vancouver)...

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MSM links for February 19, 2009 0

MSM links for February 19, 2009

The centre of attention (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Kesler carving out new career path (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Auld still has Sens-e that he will improve as goalie (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Canucks’ Burrows barges ahead (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Sedin contracts remain a stumbling block (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Swedish compatriots eagerly await Sundin’s return to Toronto (Tim Wharnsby, Globe and Mail) Confident Sens get their groove back (Sean Gordon, Globe and Mail) Sens offer Shannon great opportunity (Rob Brodie, The Daily Observer)

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That ever-elusive secondary scoring 0

That ever-elusive secondary scoring

When it was put together 3 games ago, the Demitra-Sundin-Kesler line was expected to provide some secondary scoring and take the heat off the Sedin line. It has, of course, done more than that, outscoring the Sedin line 22 (9G-13) – 6 (3G-3A) in 3 straight wins. The other thing I noticed is that Vigneault has taken to putting the Sundin line (with Bernier on the wing, and sometimes, Demitra on the point) out first on the powerplay. In fact, Demitra, Sundin and Kesler combined for 36:58 minutes of powerplay ice-time the last 3 games vs. Sedin, Sedin and Pyatt’s...

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MSM links for February 10, 2009 0

MSM links for February 10, 2009

On the road again. And again and again and again and again. (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Blues down but surely not out (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) Case of Blues dogs Wellwood (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) More room for Sedins (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Net gain for Luongo (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Sundin to get taste of ‘real’ Canucks travel in next two weeks (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) ‘Bottom-feeding’ Blues still present a tough challenge (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks ready to hit road after win (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Lacking killer instinct (Hosea Cheung, 24 Hours Vancouver) McDonald’s healed ankle...

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MSM links for February 5, 2009 0

MSM links for February 5, 2009

GM goes back, back, back (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) A rusty Luongo will come around: Gillis (Vancouver Province) O’Brien provides welcome distraction (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) For the time being at least, Sedins’ man is no agent of change (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) How I got Sundin moving (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) A turning point? (Scott Rintoul, Metro News Vancouver) McIver back on blue line (Ken Wiebe, Winnipeg Sun)

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MSM links for January 28, 2009 0

MSM links for January 28, 2009

Time for Sundin to get big (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Power points display needed (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Sundin feels the pressure (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) No caution in this optimism (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Sedins central to uncertainty (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Let’s hope little rest helps a lot (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Everybody loves Raymond? (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Canucks hit for bucks (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Grabner to lead Austria (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Brunnstrom assigned to Moose (Ken Wiebe, Winnipeg Sun) Preds to keep focus on hockey, not history (John Glennon, The Tennessean)

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MSM links for January 19, 2009 0

MSM links for January 19, 2009

A broken home record (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Waiting to be ‘wowed’ (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) D-men due for a makeover (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Poor puck management is costly (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Pyatt one bright light in dim result (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Sedin twins try best to end team’s suffering (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Vancouver limps into all-star break (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Panic time in Canucks nation? (Scott Rintoul, Metro News Vancouver) Nash a new model since awarded captaincy (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Back and forth game ends happily (Tom Reed, The Columbus Dispatch)

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