Sep 062009

If you haven’t got around to it, check out this interview with Big Bear Bernier Just listen to that adorable broken english and accent. But look how SLIM he is! No more chubbeh cheeks for me to coo over. He looks goooooood though. Purrrrr. Apparently he lost 13lbs and is raring to go. That’s what I like to hear out of my hockey boys.

As I already mentioned, Welly lost 18 lbs and earned the bad ass nick name Kate Moss. With all the boys dropping all this weight and getting more fit, it’s almost like we’re going to have a team of supermodels on our hands. Heh.

Someone will build a runway in the dressing room and the boys will strut down it during intermissions. AV will scream at Hank and Danny for not showing enough emotion in their model game faces. Can you imagine Shane baybee O’Brien on go sees? He’d charm the pants off them. All the other boys get jelly when Kes keeps winning model challenges and always picks Burr to be his friend for the prize. Mathieu Schneider does so well but the coaches will constantly bitch that he’s too old to be a top NHL defenceman. Christian Ehrhoff will get sooooooo drunk off boxed white wine and make out with a trashy Flames ice girl in the hot tub. Mike Funk decides to not eat all day when the boys go to do a location photo shoot and faints from the stress. Andrew Raycroft gets pissed at all the drama in the dressing room and reveals all the other boy’s secrets in the itty bitty confessional camera room. And Ryan Walter repeatedly tells them to smile with their eyes while they’re playing their shift and to find their inner child hockey player within.

Who will be Canucks Next Top Model?

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