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Shinny: CHB Fantasy Hockey Update 0

Shinny: CHB Fantasy Hockey Update

It’s that time again. Time to check in and see how each of your favourite CHB staff are doing in the office* hockey pool.  Follow the link to the pool site, or read on below for each writer’s thoughts.  * Note office in this case refers to Ed’s tree fort.  1. 2 Sedins, 0 Cups (Tom) – 105.5 points The season is only 10-games long right? Just this week I was thinking to myself “self, you’ve been too cranky about the pool prize. The winner of this pool should get $10,000 and a parade.” Then, lo-and-behold, I’m in first place....

RIP Paul Carson, Vancouver Sports Media Pioneer 4

RIP Paul Carson, Vancouver Sports Media Pioneer

It’s a sad day for Vancouver sports as we hear of the passing of Paul Carson after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I didn’t know him personally, but we spent Christmases together through Sports Page’s Yulin’ with the Page year-end sports highlight package. And of course, he was instrumental in founding TEAM 1040, Vancouver’s first all-sports radio station. RIP Paul. Thank you for what you’ve done to Vancouver sports and sports media. Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. ***** A quick trip down memory lane: Another one: (More Yulin’ with the Page here.)

Tommy Larscheid Retires, Dave Tomlinson To Replace Him 1

Tommy Larscheid Retires, Dave Tomlinson To Replace Him

After 33 memorable years, Tom Larscheid is done as the Canucks colour commentator. He was the colour-man on Vancouver hockey broadcasts for all but four NHL seasons since 1977, and for more than a generation of hockey fans Larscheid’s insight and instincts provided a blunt barometer of the team’s performance – good or bad. “When you have a job you’ve loved each and every day, you’re sorry to give it up,” Larscheid said late Wednesday. “But the simple reality is I’m 70 years old and it’s time to pass the baton. It will be strange not to be up there...