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Lyte Display – Alex Edler’s Hit on Tomas Hertl 7

Lyte Display – Alex Edler’s Hit on Tomas Hertl

If you’ve been off social media for the past couple of hours, you’ve likely missed the news that Alex Edler has been handed a 3 game suspension for the “illegal check to the head” of Tomas Hertl in last night’s game. And I’m likely about to say something that will upset a fair number of you. I think three games for Edler is reasonable. While there is considerable debate to the legality of Edler’s hit itself – of note there was no call on the ice at the time – it’s hard to argue with Brendan “Banahammer” Shanahan’s assertion in...

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CHB’s Top 10 Hertl Haiku 1

CHB’s Top 10 Hertl Haiku

I love me a good haiku.  Perhaps it’s my half-Japanese heritage (Imoo is a Japanese name if you’re wondering; my other half is Chinese).  Perhaps it’s because I’m lazy and a haiku – with its 17 syllables – is one of the shortest poems in existence.  Or maybe it’s because my Ultimate Canucks Haiku video on YouTube (with over 30,000 views) helped me win some nice swag in the Ultimate Canucks Search contest back in 2007 (I’ve included the video at the bottom of this post). Anyway, back to the syllables.  A proper haiku follows the form of 5-7-5.  That...

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