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Out of Town Notebook: Picking Contenders out of Deadline Mix 2

Out of Town Notebook: Picking Contenders out of Deadline Mix

Let’s get this out of the way first. I’m still not convinced Columbus’ interest in dealing Rick Nash wasn’t a creation of TSN and Sportsnet. The two networks needed a big name to speculate about to drive up ratings for their annual Trade Deadline TV marathons. Sadly for those networks, Nash remains a Blue Jacket at least until the draft, where the hype will be built up all over again. I am giddy with anticipation (and by giddy I mean hitting my head with a shoe to make the idea of 24 hour coverage of “The Rick Nash Trade –...

Two Sides of the Demitra Coin 4

Two Sides of the Demitra Coin

Not too long ago, in fact about 2 and a half weeks ago, in the ramp up to the “first deadline” before the roster freeze everyone had marked Demitra as on their trade block. Then came the Olympics and Canucks fans are already excited to have him back on the team. I knew from the beginning that Demitra was only going to get better during the Olympics and he showed that from game to game. Heck if Halak and the rest of the Slovak team hadn’t imploded in the 3rd period of their bronze medal game it would be Pavol...

Breaking down the Kovalchuk rumours 10

Breaking down the Kovalchuk rumours

Off the bat if it’s not clear yet I’ll let it out, I’m one of the biggest proponents to getting Kovalchuk at the deadline as a rental for this team. Heck I’d be over the moon if we could trade for him and get something of it, but there are several complications that come up and over the past week in talking to The Opiated Sherpa and my friend @MechanixFetch I think there are somethings that need to be laid down as far as ground work for the Kovalchuk Pipe Dream as far as a long term stay for the...