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Vancouver 2010 2

Vancouver 2010

I can’t help but post this because it’s worth seeing by all Canucks fans. Brendan Moran threw it together, and it’s simply cool. Something else to help you get riled up for tonight’s rematch! Go Canucks! Like this:Like Loading…

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Thank you world! It was one hell of a two week party 2

Thank you world! It was one hell of a two week party

With the Olympics and a whopping 80% of the country watching at least part of yesterday’s gold medal game it’s going to be a bit of a culture shock going back to watching games like Tuesday’s Leafs/Hurricanes match-up, but it was one hell of a two weeks. One thing I heard at the end of yesterday’s matchup is that although Canada won the game the real winner was the sport of hockey. I can’t agree more with this, but not because of the gold medal game only. One thing that stuck out in my mind was that this was the...

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Hey Brian Burke, this isn’t 1980 8

Hey Brian Burke, this isn’t 1980

I love Brian Burke, he’s a character and I would have him back as GM of my Canucks any day but I’m getting sick of him perpetuating this “underdog” nonsense. This isn’t 1980. For those that don’t know In 1980 the Americans were a bunch of amateur and collegiate players that beat the Russians and ended up winning the gold medal at those Olympics in their next game against Finland. That game against the Soviets was named the “Miracle On Ice”. Now I know Burke is notorious for two things: great quotes, and mind games. This whole Olympics he has...

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The Goalie Conundrum 8

The Goalie Conundrum

I supported picking Brodeur as the starting goalie despite enough reasons to justify Luongo being put in net, so at this point I don’t even feel slightly bad about tearing Brodeur a new one. Throw every cliche you can at the game and it’ll in all likelihood make sense. The one I like right now is “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Last night Team Canada played a heck of a game. They were for the most part all over the American team, but Brodeur let them down. I thought Brodeur’s puck handling was going to be to...

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Canucks at the Olympics 4

Canucks at the Olympics

At first I was worried that the 7 Canucks participating in the 2010 Olympics were going to come back to the regular season fatigued and unrested, but now that you look at the games and the roles each player representing their country has, it looks like the Olympics are catering to their individual needs in a funny kind of way. Luongo The one thing Luongo needed was rest. It’s clear at this point that Brodeur is going to take the games the rest of the way and after Luongo got his chance in front of the home town crowd and...

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Calling all Road Hockey Players: Red vs White Molson Canadian Road Hockey Game! 14

Calling all Road Hockey Players: Red vs White Molson Canadian Road Hockey Game!

I love hockey, we all love hockey, and since the weather is gorgeous and the world is in town for a couple weeks why not show them some real Canadian spirit and play some road hockey right? And while we’re at it, where else to play other than right outside the mother of all hockey venues, the Molson Canadian Hockey House. It should be a blast so tell your friends and hopefully we get a large crowd together to watch us all play! Who: Us, and you if you want to play! What: Red vs White Team Canada road hockey...

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Canada before Canucks 2

Canada before Canucks

So as I get ready to take in Canada vs. Switzerland at GM… err.. Canada Hockey Place later today, I’m fortunately not posed with a problem of who to cheer for. I’m a big fan of Canada – so much so that I’ve pledged to wear a red or Canadian themed shirt (my white Canada Hockey jersey for instance) throughout the Winter Olympics. So what is that problem I speak of? You see, I’m also a diehard Canucks fan. So it’s awesome to see the following players represent six different nations: Roberto Luongo (Canada) Daniel Sedin (Sweden) Henrik Sedin (Sweden)...

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