Dec 252011

[CHB writer Clayton Imoo is a wanna-be musician as you can tell from some of his videos.  You can follow Clay on Twitter at (@canuckclay) or on his website, Clay's Canucks Commentary.]

For this special edition of Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I pull a few friends together for my 2nd annual Canucks Christmas Carol.

You’ll recognize my friends Joseph and Jason from last year, as well as my sons Sean and Jacob. Oh yeah…and Kevin the foreign exchange student. Last year we put together The 12 Days of Christmas – Canucks Style.

This year, we go bigger and better as we welcome Oggy, Patrick and “Game Day” dudes Andrew and Chris.

Inspired by Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”, our song is called “Under the Minneso”. Confused? It will become very clear to you after the first verse.

You’ll actually hear Kevin the foreign exchange student for the very first time, and make sure you stay until the end for some bloopers!

On behalf of all of us at CHB… Merry Christmas!

Apr 252011

(Video credit: Sandro Desaulniers from Port Coquitlam, BC)

Almost to a man, Canucks fans are calling game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks the most important game in the franchise’s history since game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals.

Think about it.

This is a Canucks team widely-considered to be the best in its 40-year history. They won the President’s Trophy by a wide margin. They’re a no. 1 seed facing a no. 8 seed that finished 20 points below them in the standings. They finished at the top (or near the top) of every significant statistical category. They boast last year’s Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy winner, this year’s Art Ross Trophy winner, a Vezina Trophy candidate, and most likely a Selke Trophy finalist.

And most importantly, only a week ago, they had a 3-0 series lead over the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the puck drops for game 7, none of that will matter.

The only thing that will matter is whether this version of the Canucks – supposedly the best one in its history and Stanley Cup favorites when the playoffs began – will finally finish off the Hawks and move on to what looks like a second round matchup against the Nashville Predators or go down in the biggest collapse in NHL history.

Win and they continue in their quest for the franchise’s first-ever Stanley Cup. Lose and a summer of certain uncertainty – with questions about everything from their core players to their to team make-up to their coaching staff to the management team – begins.

Apr 022011

There are pretty goals, like Daniel’s between-the-legs shot against Calgary last year in a mean-nothing, final-game-of-the season blowout.

Then there are the clutch goals: the shorthanded breakaway, the rush up ice in the dying minutes, the rebound bashed home from your knees with the goalie pulled and seconds left.

In chronological order, here’s the 10 clutch goals that made you roar in relief and jubliation this season.

Manny Malhotra vs Detroit Red Wings on November 6

Killing a late second-period penalty in a tied game, Malhotra strips Datsyuk at the blue line and goes in alone.

Ryan Kesler vs Anaheim Ducks on December 8

On his knees with 23 seconds left and desperate to tie the game, Kesler bashes at the puck before willing it behind Hiller.

Ryan Kesler vs Columbus Blue Jackets on December 15

Kesler did all the scoring for the Canucks this night, completing his first career hat-trick with the overtime winner on this 2-on-1 feed from Daniel.

Kevin Bieksa vs Edmonton Oilers on December 26

With a minute left in a deadlocked game, the Canucks take over. Bieksa blasts the winner in through a screen with 25 seconds to spare.

Lee Sweatt vs Nashville Predators on January 26

“Rudy” comes off the bench, receives a spinorama pass from Daniel, and his first NHL shot finds the back of the net. The feel-good moment of the year.

Daniel Sedin vs Chicago Blackhawks on February 4

Patrick Kane turns the puck over. Burrows heads up ice to Henrik, to Daniel, who flips the puck over a surprised Turco with 4:00 left in the third to beat their hated nemesis.

Daniel Sedin vs Los Angeles Kings on March 5

Half-way through the third, Daniel shoves Doughty into Quick before potting Ehrhoff’s rebound. Doughty screamed in protest, but Daniel’s greasy marker stood up as the winner.

Henrik Sedin vs Colorado Avalanche on March 16

Daniel leaves his brother a blind, between-the-legs drop-pass in the slot, and Henrik drives home the winner.

Alex Burrows vs Nashville Predators on March 29

After tying the game earlier in the third, Burrows gets behind Weber and Suter with 2:30 left in a 1-1 game. There’s no doubt what move he’ll use on Rinne.

Christian Ehrhoff vs Los Angeles Kings on March 31

In a 1-1- game, Doughty turns the puck over deep in the Vancouver zone with under 8 seconds left in the 2nd period. Hansen and Ehrhoff sprint up the ice to beat the clock.

Mar 272011

I’ve been in Halifax for a week now. But while the trip has gone well professionally-speaking (I’m here for work) and personally (I’ve had the chance to visit a lot of the city’s historical sites, monuments and other attractions), I’m beginning to feel homesick. I love the city and I think it’s beautiful, but I can’t wait until Thursday when I finally get to go home.

Normally, a Sunday game against the Columbus Blue Jackets doesn’t excite me as much. This time around, however, I’m feening for Vancouver right now and am very much looking forward to it. On Friday night, I managed to catch the game against the Thrashers at the Oasis Sports Bar and a bunch of Dalhousie U students from Victoria were there. I’m going to a different sports bar, Bubba Ray’s, tonight – recommended by some of you fine tweeps out there – and I’m hoping there will be a few Canucks fans in attendance as well.


For those of you who aren’t quite as excited as I am for the game, I found this Canucks highlight video on YouTube. Lots of clips from this season and previous seasons. Can you believe that, after tonight, there are 6 regular season games before the real fun starts?

Mar 082011

I’m not big on hip-hop, but I have to admit this song “Black Red Yellow” by local hip-hop artist Terell Safadi is kinda catchy. It looks to be a remake of Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”, but with a potpourri of Canucks jersey and local Vancouver flavor in the video.

Nov 272010

This is a good piece on the ongoing battle between bloggers and the mainstream media with input from both sides of the debate (source: The Score).

But perhaps the best part of it is the closing quote, “So whatever side you sit on, the undeniable fact is this. The world of sports journalism, and hockey specifically, has changed drastically with more bloggers becoming suitable sources of viable information and more mainstream journalists blogging. The landscape will continue to develop exponentially. Newspapers no longer control what the news is. Ultimately, the onus is on you, the consumer, to see what print is fit.”

Sep 082010

As we approach the start of training camp, here is another Canucks montage to tide us over. I found this video the other day and it’s just as great as the others. It has all the great goals and saves, plus some of the goals you don’t see in your typical montages: Rypien’s beautiful pass to Ehrhoff’s backhand, a beauty from Raymond, even Daniel’s little flip goal over Hiller. Everyone’s in on this one – a little bit of Samuelsson, a bunch of Rypien, some Bieksa and others. Even Brad Lukowich gets in on the action. Add this to the list of Canucks clips to get you amped for the upcoming season and get your game face on.

Aug 212010

I just saw the following video posted by a CDC user named Electric Light Orchestra. It’s one of the best montages I’ve ever seen done on the team, and like the Inception video I posted a week ago, has me counting down the days until the start of the 2010/2011 season.

PS. To be exact, there are only 23 days until the Canucks Young Stars Tournament, 29 days until training camp, 32 days until their first preseason game, and 48 days until the start of the Canucks’ 40th season.

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