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Canucks Links for September 13, 2009 0

Canucks Links for September 13, 2009

Photo credit: canucks.nhl.com I’ll be going to training camp today so keep an eye out on my Twitter feed. In the meantime, here are some Canucks-related links on the Interweb: Joe Pelletier welcomes everyone to Terrace, Hockeyville. Move over Ryan Walter, the new Canucks have Stanley Cup rings too. Vigneault is looking for this season’s Kesler and Burrows. Tony Gallagher doesn’t want four more years of Vigneault. Mark Parrish got giddy when he got the call from the Canucks. Raymond and Wellwood need to watch their back. Taylor Pyatt is starting over in Phoenix. Like this:Like Loading…

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An AV extension on the way 2

An AV extension on the way

Photo credit: Vancouver Sun I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m lukewarm on Alain Vigneault as Canucks coach. Maybe it’s because I don’t quite understand his decision-making process – and we all know he’s made some horrible decisions *cough* sitting on a one-goal lead in the playoffs *cough* – or maybe it’s because I don’t like the constant line-juggling. Needless to say, when reports came out yesterday that the Canucks are on the verge of giving him a three-year contract extension, I wasn’t jumping up and down for joy. To be fair, Vigneault’s stats as Canucks coach are impressive....

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Taking a wait-and-see approach with Vigneault 5

Taking a wait-and-see approach with Vigneault

All summer long, Mike Gillis kept saying that he was discussing a contract extension with coach Alain Vigneault. With summer almost over, said extension still hasn’t materialized. I bring this up now because Tony Gallagher (Vancouver Province) brought up a good point: And how do they accomplish what general manager Mike Gillis is expecting when he talks about aiming for the most productive blueline in the league this season? The pressure to make this happen is squarely on the shoulders of coach Alain Vigneault, whose team was successful when it played an offensive brand of hockey last year and pretty...

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MSM links for May 13, 2009 0

MSM links for May 13, 2009

How do you lose a legacy? (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) The case for letting Luongo go (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) The hard truth: Canucks must deal Luongo (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Did the somebodies up there want Chicago to win? (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Vigneault’s future with Canucks rests in hands of management (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Time to tinker after playoff stinker? (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Why, howdy Hodgson (Tim Campbell, Winnipeg Free Press) Hodgson joins Moose for third round (Ken Wiebe, Winnipeg Sun) Like this:Like Loading…

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Calm during the storm 4

Calm during the storm

I agree with what Brian from Canucks Corner had to say about the Canucks’ four-game sweep of the St. Louis Blues. First, this: I have to say, that was the most stress free series I think I’ve watched the Canucks play. Not at any point did I feel like the series was in jeopardy of slipping away. The Blues fought hard, but were clearly over matched in key areas of the game. In fact the only area you could say the Canucks could improve would be staying out of the penalty box. This will be imperative in the next round...

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MSM links for February 24, 2009 0

MSM links for February 24, 2009

Coach weathers vicious storm (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Unless injuries strike, Canucks will be quiet at trade deadline (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Gillis ‘confident’ Canucks will re-sign Sedins (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Just a hometown boy (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Luongo implores mates to shoot low (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks battle the Habs (Bob Mackin, 24 Hours Vancouver) Canadiens send Price a strong message (Pat Hickey, National Post) Montreal hands reins to backup Halak (Sean Gordon, Globe and Mail) Dezzy makes most of spot with Moose (Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press) Like this:Like Loading…

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MSM links for February 4, 2009 1

MSM links for February 4, 2009

Swede resurrection day for Canucks (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks weather Hurricane in 4-3 win (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) The body twitches… it has life! (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) Sigh of relief follows winning goal (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Gillis gives Vigneault a vote of confidence (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province) A good deal of improving to do (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Eight was enough (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Some kind of optimism (Guts Mactavish, 24 Hours Vancouver) Best game yet from Sundin (CP via Metro News Vancouver) Like this:Like Loading…

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MSM links for January 30, 2009 0

MSM links for January 30, 2009

Vigneault running out of time and chances (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) Angry days for Canucks (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun) Canucks’ Vigneault not concerned about his future, only the next game (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) How to fix the Canucks (Vancouver Sun) Canucks’ players leap to defence of embattled coach (Vancouver Province) PK woes killing the Canucks (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) When the going gets tough, the tough get… (Jim Jamieson, Vancouver Province) A team in desperate need for a spark (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province) Fans sad, mad at bad Canucks (Ian Austin, Vancouver Province) Sundin searching for a line...

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The Crazy Canucks: Episode 72 0

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 72

It’s a roller coaster ride. There’s no other way to explain this season, and fans are jumping off the bus left and right. But don’t fret! The season isn’t over just yet, and you shouldn’t be getting out of your seats and leaving before the second intermission. There’s still plenty of Canucks hockey to be played, and we are doing our best to stay away from the complaints department. We won’t claim to know all the answers, but the situation frustrates us just as much as you probably are. Click here to listen to the episode. Like this:Like Loading…

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Lost, disorganized and defeated 11

Lost, disorganized and defeated

If you’re thinking of jumping off the Patullo Bridge after the Canucks’ record 7th consecutive home loss, think again; it’s closed after a massive fire on Sunday morning. The numbers aren’t pretty: In their last 7 home games, the Canucks gained just 2 points, including 1 point in their just-concluded 5-game home stand They were outscored 30-19. The powerplay connected on only 4 of 22 opportunities (18.2%). Conversely, their penalty kill allowed their opponents to connect on a combined 7 of 22 chances against (31.8%). During this 7-game home losing streak, the Canucks only held the lead a combined 78...

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