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Alix Wright joins the CHB 4

Alix Wright joins the CHB

Richard and I are excited to announce that another Canucks blogger, Alix Wright, has decided to join us here at Canucks Hockey Blog. Some of you folks know Alix as The Humming Giraffe where she’s been blogging since 2007. I think you’ll all enjoy her funky style and love for all things Canucks (especially the Swedish ones). Now, you can follow her writings here at the CHB or her Twitter account – http://www.twitter.com/Hgiraffe.

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Joining thescore.com Sports Federation 4

Joining thescore.com Sports Federation

Some of you have probably already noticed “The Score” banner on top of the site. Well, this past summer, I was approached by Scott Carefoot, who works for The Score and also writes the Raptor Blog, about joining their new sports federation. After careful consideration, I agreed. The full press release on the new thescore.com Sports Federation I still get a snicker when I read the line, “some of the most influential blogs in sports”. I love doing this blog and all and I know a lot of you come back regularly, but I hardly consider myself influential. I’m just...

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