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Luongo: As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played. 6

Luongo: As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played.

This is all you need to know about the Canucks’ 8-3 loss to the LA Kings last night (via Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province): “I’m just going to make a statement and I’m not going to answer any questions,” Luongo said. “As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played. From the first guy, which is me, all the way out to the last guy, it’s unacceptable to play this way. “We just have to get better. And that’s it.” It was a horribly pathetic effort and the Canucks should be embarrased. With a single point against the...

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Waking from Hibernation 4

Waking from Hibernation

During the Canucks tweetup this past Tuesday, I had a chance to talk to Scott Rintoul (@ScottRintoul & co-host of “BS in the Morning” on Team 1040) about some of my pet peeves. We spoke about my “admiration” of Shane O’Brien (word is a picture exists of me wearing a shirt with his name and number on it), my belief that Luongo practices the Grant Fuhr Method to Goaltending, and why I believe Kyle Wellwood is part bear. Yes, you heard that right. I think Kyle Wellwood is part bear. Since the Olympic break, I can’t think of any other...

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We’re at Square One, 23 Games In 3

We’re at Square One, 23 Games In

With all the injuries at the start of the season the Canucks managed to get out of a sticky situation with too many players on the roster. They didn’t have to deal with the bubble players, and they tapped the Manitoba Moose dry of NHL worthy players. With players gradually returning from injury, the question of who deserves a roster spot has to be revisited. The Canucks blue line has been stocked full of players and fortunately hasn’t been hit by the injury bug, however when you look at the forwards roster, it looks like now is the time to...

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What’s Up With Wellwood? 8

What’s Up With Wellwood?

A quarter way through the season and Wellwood has struggled to say the least. He sits with one point in 17 games, an assist he got in his eighth game of the season against the Oilers. He’s missed 4 games because of a foot injury he suffered, however Wellwood should be contributing offensively significantly more than he has so far. With the injuries to some of our major players, Wellwood’s role elevated and he still didn’t produce. Wellwood’s game has struggled on a whole, and it’s certainly not for lack of playing time, or a result of the players he’s...

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Canucks Links for September 14, 2009 0

Canucks Links for September 14, 2009

The puck finally drops for some preseason action tonight as our beloved Vancouver Canucks take on the New York Islanders in Terrace, BC. Here are today’s Canucks chatter around the web: It’s Hockey Night in Terrace. Willie wants to go fishing in Terrace; Wellwood doesn’t even know where it is. Terrace is excited at being named Hockeyville. And so they should be. (I just wish CBC was just as excited.) Turns out there’s a great view from Terrace. Again, you can check out Joe Pelletier (Greatest Hockey Legends) for the festivities straight from Terrace. Lots of linkage from the Islanders’...

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Canucks Links for September 13, 2009 0

Canucks Links for September 13, 2009

Photo credit: canucks.nhl.com I’ll be going to training camp today so keep an eye out on my Twitter feed. In the meantime, here are some Canucks-related links on the Interweb: Joe Pelletier welcomes everyone to Terrace, Hockeyville. Move over Ryan Walter, the new Canucks have Stanley Cup rings too. Vigneault is looking for this season’s Kesler and Burrows. Tony Gallagher doesn’t want four more years of Vigneault. Mark Parrish got giddy when he got the call from the Canucks. Raymond and Wellwood need to watch their back. Taylor Pyatt is starting over in Phoenix. Like this:Like Loading…

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Comparing Kyle 8

Comparing Kyle

Kyle Wellwood’s arbitration hearing is just over a week away on July 28. Not to say that Wellwood and the Canucks can’t reach an agreement before then, but if they don’t, then what can we expect? First, because He is entitled to be a group 3 free agent at the end of the next season (2009/2010), the arbitration award will be a one-year term. (Though maybe someone more well-versed on the intricacies of the CBA can correct me on this.) Second, Mike Gillis won’t be bringing a scale to the arbitration hearing. Finding comparables (and his rollercoaster of a career...

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Friday mashup 6

Friday mashup

- It appears I’m jumping on the Penguins bandwagon for the rest of the playoffs. The Wings don’t need another Cup. As much as like a bunch of their players, as a whole team I just can’t get behind them. I’ve tried embracing this crush on the Blackhawks that the NHL keeps pimpin, but I can’t do it. They’re kind of whiney and I find I giggle too much when they do badly. The Canes are pretty cool actually. But I’m chillin with the Penguins because of two things 1) MALKIN. His hat trick last night, especially the third goal,...

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MSM links for May 4, 2009 0

MSM links for May 4, 2009

Chicago returns to roaring roots of hockey town (Stephen Brunt, Globe and Mail) First loss forces Canucks to shift focus (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Playoff prognosis drops to doubtful (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Canucks blame breakdowns for troubling loss (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Long bombs have Louie’s lot shell-shocked (Ed Willes, Vancouver Province) Injury keeps Salo in Vancouver (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province) Centre’s Sharp by name and sharp by nature (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province) Wellwood give non-believers reason to believe (Steve Simmons, London Free Press) Canucks hope ‘big test’ from Blackhawks is one they can pass (Bruce Campion-Smith, Toronto Star)...

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MSM links for May 2, 2009 0

MSM links for May 2, 2009

The Bulin Wall of Shame (Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun) Cowan re-joins Canucks at practice but not expected to play against Blackhawks (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Canucks claim bad third period merely a blip (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun) Kane’s puck luck inspires Canucks comments (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun) Pyatt unlikely to play tonight (National Post) Oft-injured Salo still battling for Holy Grail (Matthew Sekeres, Globe and Mail) From pudgy to prodigy (Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun) Hawks wish they had the last two minutes to do over (Tim Sassone, Chicago Daily-Herald) Rusty Canucks feeling fortunate (Tim Sassone, Chicago Daily-Herald) Flu limited Toews...

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