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The most important thing learned 2

The most important thing learned

If there was one thing the Canucks learned in the regular season that we’ve seen pay dividends in the NHL’s second season, it has been the Canucks ability to stay calm and composed in the latter part of a game, specifically the third period, when in a tie game or down a goal or two. The Canucks lead the NHL in regular season third-period-come-from-behind-wins with eleven, and after last night’s third-period-come-from-behind-win the Canucks won the series four games to two with the win being their second come from behind of the series. Despite the score in any game we’re seeing...

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The mental game 0

The mental game

As fans we get to see both the physical and the mental side of hockey. They phsyical side is one thing, but the mental side of the game has an impact that grows exponentially at times. It’s something that can affect the psyche of the home or the away team, and it’s something that can turn on a single play. It’s driven by adrenaline, it’s amplified by luck, and it’s the most fragile of factors in any game at any point in a series. After the roller coaster game last night the mental game becomes more important than ever. The...

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The Samuelsson Effect 0

The Samuelsson Effect

If there’s one thing we can take away from this playoff run, win or lose, it’s that Mikael Samuelsson held up his end of the bargain. The former Red Wing who in just four playoff appearances had 69 career playoff games played has been a force for the Canucks and has scored some clutch goals to either keep the Canucks alive, or spark them to something better, both in the regular season and now the post season where it matters most. Last night after getting put with the Sedins, Samuelsson scored a huge goal to tie the game up and...

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Luongo is not an issue 3

Luongo is not an issue

Before this series started a lot of people expected a flaky Luongo and a Jonathan Quick who caved under the pressure of his first playoffs. If that’s what you expected you were like surprised to find Jonathan Quick lead the Kings to a 2-1 series lead heading into game four, and Luongo throw some respectable numbers up on the board. Throw away the debate that Don Cherry stirred about about whether or not Luongo is fit to be captain because there’s definitely no change happening any time this season. Luongo had us all worried with his play after the Olympics...

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It’s not all Alberts’ fault, okay it mostly is 4

It’s not all Alberts’ fault, okay it mostly is

With Alberts throwing the Canucks under the bus multiple times Saturday night at GM Place in the Kings and Canucks second game of the series it’s no surprise that he’s getting benched tonight in favour of either Rome or Baumgartner (Baumer if Rome isn’t ready to play). Now there’s no excuse for his penalties, they’ve been stupid, undisciplined, and untimely. They’ve been a result of laziness and hopefully the benching gives him the reality check that he needs to fix things should he see ice time again in this series, let alone the playoff run. Alberts is a big guy...

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Sedins ‘History Will Be Made’ Commercial 8

Sedins ‘History Will Be Made’ Commercial

It’s nice to see the NHL finally pick up on the Sedins. It’s not like they’ve been invisible, yet so far in may respects they’ve been downplayed or gone unnoticed. The most recent time being their uncharacteristically slow time to recognize Henrik in any way for the Art Ross. They were quick on the uptake to track Stamkos, Ovechkin and Crosby, but Henrik seemed to fall by the wayside. I can understand the NHL spending much of it’s focus on promoting non-Canadian teams because that’s where they need to increase market penetration, but it was nice to see the Canucks...

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What if the referees read the rulebook? History will be made. 9

What if the referees read the rulebook? History will be made.

It’s no surprise that Canucks fans were up in arms Saturday after the Canucks were beaten by the referrees that night to send the series down to SoCal with the Kings and Canucks tied at one. TSN had a great piece analyzing the call and after there was similar poor refereeing in the Phoenix/Detroit Game-3 there’s certainly some frustration from a lot of people with the zebras. NHL Rule 74.1 states that if a player is within 5 feet of the bench and they do not play the puck then it shall not be called a penalty. It’s pretty clear...

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The Physical Game 3

The Physical Game

It’s well known that to get through the Western Conference is a test of endurance. It’s a physical affair and you don’t only have to beat your opponent on the score sheet but you have to physically out play them in order to win a series. For this reason we see the importance of blue-liners and the bottom six alike as the grit factor becomes (in some series, or on some nights) the deciding factor of a game. The Canucks in game one not only dominated the play of the game but they out hit the Kings en route to...

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