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Christmas = World Juniors 4

Christmas = World Juniors

There’s one thing that gets me excited around this time of year, and it’s not Christmas. Every year I look forward to boxing day, not for the deals but for the World Juniors. The World Juniors is some of the most passionate, inspiring, and clean hockey and is bar none the most exciting hockey you will ever see. The length of the tournament when combined with the patriotism and pride on the line turns a group of under 20 hockey players into the focus of a nation and the pride of a nation for 2 weeks a year. The game...

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Canucks Prospects make WJC Preliminary Rosters 2

Canucks Prospects make WJC Preliminary Rosters

Recently preliminary rosters for the World Junior Championships were released for a few teams and the Canucks right now have three prospects who have been invited to their respective country’s training camp for the junior tournament. Cody Hodgson is on Canada’s roster, Jordan Schroeder is on the USA’s roster and Anton Rodin is on Team Sweden’s roster. Hodgson who struggled with a back injury throughout the Canucks pre-season was cleared for contact the same day he was invited to the WJ training camp. The Canucks prospect shone at last year’s tournament setting a new record for points scored in a...

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