Mar 222010

Recently I’ve come across some celebrities using Canucks jerseys at interesting events, or places and in light of Young Jeezy, a rapper, showing his “Canucks Pride” (I seriously doubt he wore the jersey because he’s an actual fan) I figured I’d round up a few of the instances. We all know Pam Anderson is a Canucks fan after her appearance at a game and her picture with Fin. There’s also the Pamela Anderson moment where she gives Leno a Canucks jersey when she goes on The Tonight Show, but for some reason that video seems to have vanished from the realms of the internet. The B list includes Melissa Peregrym who saw some time on the show Heroes, as well as one of the finest MLB players BC has ever produced, Justin Morneau. The Minnesota Twins star also to be a bit of Canucks fan. Brent Butt has professed his Canucks love on Twitter on many an occasion and Jason Reitman’s been seen to support the whale on Twitter and at a few Canucks games. Most recently Heisman winner Sam Bradford let us know who his favourite hockey team is too.

Whether they’re celebrities, or not, We Are All Canucks, right? As long as we’re cheering for the same team that’s fine by me. Go Canucks Go!

The most obvious Canucks celebrity fan is the character Robyn in How I Met Your Mother, right?

Next up is the picture that prompted this post. Young Jeezy at a hip-hop show in Cincinnati the other night donned the Blue and Green avec le Orca. Which begs the question, what was he doing wearing something that has “Vancouver” branded on the chest for a show in Cincinnati…

Rappers seem to love the Canucks jersey. The Rapper The Game wore the blue, white and green one night and rumour has it the rest of his crew did as well. Shout out to Terry for this one.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padlecki from Supernatural throw down in some Red Bull go karts. By far one of my favourite celebrity Canucks pictures.

Zac Efron’s a Canucks fan… yeah that’s just embarrassing. Okay, we’re unsure about him as a fan but here he is at the Canucks game earlier this year.

And this I dug up thanks to my friend Charlene. It’s a music video by Cassidy featuring R. Kelly and if you fast forward to the 3:16 point in the video, you’ll see they throw it back with a retro Orange, Yellow and Black “V” Canucks Jersey

This video from VancityBuzz shows the last generation of Orca in another rap video. I see the number 23, Murray Baron fan? Fast forward to 1:35 and you’ll see the Orca front and center.

To round it out though, this isn’t when he was on the Canucks, and Coleman isn’t a Canucks fan, but it’s worth a laugh.

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