Round 1 Game 4 Frame-by-Frame: Brian Campbell’s Goal

After every Canucks playoff game, we’ll break down one key play, frame-by-frame.

The Situation

The score is knotted at 1-1 early in the second period. Vancouver has just killed off a Chicago powerplay and dumped the puck behind Crawford’s net. CBC’s commentators mention how quiet the crowd is.

Frame 1 (5:12)

Kesler briefly waves his stick at Campbell before heading to the bench. Notice the horrible timing of this line change.

Frame 2 (5:13)

Campbell passes the puck to Kane as the Sedins jump over the boards, already behind the play.

Frame 3 (5:14)

Kane skates over the blueline as linesmen miss Samuelsson pushing Toews offside. (NHL series supervisor Rob Shick admitted after the game, “Yes, it was offside but they did score five more.”)

Frame 4 (5:15)

Because the Sedins are stuck up ice, this is a 4-on-3 for Chicago. Samuelsson takes Toews as Ehrhoff and Edler defend.

Frame 5 (5:15)

But wait! Even though Edler and Ehrhoff are covering Kane, Samuelsson decides they need some help. He abandons Toews and Campbell and lunges towards Kane.

Frame 6 (5:16)

This gives Kane two great options: feed the puck to Toews as he heads to the net, or throw it to Campbell at the top of the circle as everyone falls back.

Frame 7 (5:16)

Kane gives the puck to Campbell. Toews, Ehrhoff, Edler, Kane, Samuelsson and Sharp form a celebratory conga line for Campbell’s shot. Notice Luongo is already down.

Frame 8 (5:17)

Daniel and Henrik glide into the zone. “Hey everyone, did we miss anything?”

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