CHB PSA: Higgins Knows What To Flip

Higgins flips Shirts

Higgins flips shirts not cars.

I know it surprises quite a few people that Chris Higgins is as productive as he is considering how terrible his time spent in Calgary, Florida and New York was, but to be fair, those teams were all awful to begin with. Florida is only now on the verge of the playoffs. The Rangers are an Eastern powerhouse now but they were once a group of overpaid, over-aged and underachieving veterans. The Flames…well, the Flames haven’t changed, I guess.

But anyone who watched Higgins in his first three seasons in Montreal could tell you how much of an impact player he was. There was talk amongst Habs fans that he could be their future captain and it wasn’t hard to see why, putting up 38-points in his first two years and 52 in his third. Combine those Cody Hodgson or Mason Raymond (quite similar to MayRay actually…since his 4th year was terrible) numbers with his physical play and never quit work ethic and you have a pretty complete player. Not top end talent but a guy with character you could use on your team. The Canucks have given Higgins the opportunity to win and he’s run with it. We’re getting the guy New York thought they were getting in the Scott Gomez trade.

Want an example of that work ethic? You don’t get a washboard like that sitting on your ass.

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