The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 5 at Ducks 0

Almost a week after the Anaheim Ducks ruined the Canucks’ season and home opener, the Canucks get their opportunity for revenge. And boy, did they get it.

The game had everything – pretty goals, big saves, big fights, a penalty shot, and even phallic-shaped light sabers.

Yup, they had that and more.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 5 at Anaheim Ducks 0 (January 25, 2013)

The Vancouver Canucks head on the road for the first time this season and try to avenge their opening night loss to the Anaheim Ducks. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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Hello hockey fans, we meet again. How have you been? Have you seen the newly revamped CHBTV? No? Better do that now then.
CHBTV Episode #01 – Intros, Luongo and Starting Slowchbtvnetwork
Good, now I just have one more video. It’s from Highway Thru Hell, and I had no idea it existed until CTV told me, but I kind of want to watch it all day long.
Highway Thru Hell – Tuesdays 10ET/7PT on Discovery Channeldiscoverycanada
Alright, game time! 

Let’s just turn on Sportsnet, and…. oh dear.
Is this curling match getting anyone else pumped up for the Canucks game or is it just me #TeamMartinSean Fraser
Alright, we all want to know how this curling turned out. I mean, not pre-empting hockey want to know. We can look it up later, I’m sure.Shaun Stewart
People really hate curling coverage. Take a breath friends. Manny Malhotra just had a baby. Those things are adorable.
See? Curling is over, we’re ready for hockey and OH MY GOD. They gave everyone light sabers. 
I see the Ducks have cheerleaders, too, who are waving around large phallic objects. #Ducks #CanucksGayCanuck
Pew pew! They have frickin’ laser beams introducing the #NHLDucks, here’s hoping the Sedin twins have the real laser show. #Canucks #TGATTClayton Corley
Are they landing a plane inside the arena?BrowntoBure
Light it up at the Ponda!!! Let’s Go DUCKS!!! Ho
Wow, ok. Let’s get to the game.
Redemption time. Hope we respond accordingly to the Ducks after what happened in the opener. Go #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
I like the idea of the Canucks ruining the Ducks home opener. #RevengeMarda Miller
Aaron Volpatti and Matt Beleskey interrupt John Garrett’s baby congratulations to punch each other.
Aaron Volpatti vs Matt Beleskey Jan 25, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
That was an awesome tilt! Rock em sock em robot style.BrowntoBure
whoa. Volpatti with some work on the speedbag. spirited scrap. #Canucks #DucksBruce Ng
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICK BOWNESS. I got you a cupcake. 

Fun fact: One night after a game he scared the bejeezus out of me in the quiet office. I’m skiddish like that.
Ryan Getzlaf takes a penalty for attempting to decapitate Mason Raymond.  With Daniel Winnik already in the box, the Canucks will take a two-man advantage.
Getzlaf "The Bald Eagle" gets the gate and #Canucks have a 5 on 3.Matt Lee
Time to enable #jerkmode RT @ThomasDrance: Kassian should see if he can get Getzlaf to go whenever he next sees the ice. #CanucksCam Davie
#Canucks 5-on-3, can it be?!? You got it dude (Michelle from Full House thumbs up!). 2-man advantage for 1:29. #CanucksG4Canucks Game
Where Daniel quickly scores with the help of Team Sweden. 1-0.
Canucks at Ducks – Daniel Sedin 1-0 Goal – 01.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
You’d think after a few years the Ducks would learn that being a douche leads to #WizardousSedinery! 1-0 #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Thank you Ryan Getzlaf for being a super douche-nozzle with anger management issues. You got us that goal! #TGATTVictoria
Not only was it a pretty goal, it was all part of the Sedin twin laser show… #SedinTwinPowerActivate #pewpewpew #CanucksClayton Corley
Siri just told me Daniel Said-in has a goal. #TGATTMatthew Brosseau
Wow, even when Weise gets hit you guys are prepared with the Dutch jokes.
Heh! Weise drew a penalty. Guess we won’t send him back to the Netherlands in trade for some pannekoeke. #tgattTara T
More Weise/Dutch League jokes: "Well they sure didn’t hit like THAT!" #CanucksMatt Lee
Weise crushed = The Netherlands tramples tulipsCanucks Misconduct
Always love a good Dutch tulip craze reference. For those of you not in the know:
Tulip mania – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAt the peak of tulip mania, in February 1637, some single tulip bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsma…
Power play goal by Mason Raymond! He can score against teams that aren’t Calgary. 2 – 0 Canucks.
Canucks at Ducks – Mason Raymond 2-0 Goal – 01.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
MAYRAY scores to stake the #Canucks to 2-0 lead, and i don’t even think he has fallen down yet.Bruce Ng
I’m tellin’ ya, Mason Raymond is back to his 25-goal form. IT’S HAPPENING. I will never not be a MayRay apologist. #CanucksSeamus McKale
I’m liking this re-energized Mason Raymond, crashing the net and scoring his 2nd PP goal in two games. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Seemed a bit weird to see the move of Burrows from the wing to centre, but if he’s gonna dish some goodies like that assist… he can stay.Clayton Corley
We’ll head into the second with a 2-0 lead, which no one seems to trust.
Ducks trailing Canucks by two. I guess the secret’s out on how to beat Vancouver…Hackett
I’m happy, but usually this is the part where the #Canucks let the other team catch up and I start to reach for a bottle of wine. #2-0CanuckFanInSF
Dear #Canucks, I like what I’m seeing. What do you say we try and hold on to a lead for once? #plucktheduck #TGATTKristin McGunnigle
Here we go to the second period.

Alex Burrows takes two for roughing, and then coming, out of the box, he’s hooked by Sbisa and gets awarded a penalty shot.

I want John Garrett to say "reach-around" at least one more time.Shaun Stewart
Burrows penalty shot ohhhhhh myyyyy god this is what we live for #CanucksSeamus McKale
Boo. It’s no good. We did however learn about the drink preferences of John and Shorty.
HAHAHAAHAH. John and Shorty are such weirdos. I would love to have a vodka cocktail with them.Alix
Now I know what drink to buy Shorty if I ever catch him at the bar! #VodkaCranberryClub @SNJohnGarrett #CanucksJenn
Volpatti scored! Love it! 3-0. 3:23 left in the second period.
Canucks at Ducks – Aaron Volpatti 3-0 Goal – 01.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
Can Volpatti make it a Gordie Hat trick? Lets do this…*Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. AARON VOLPATTI WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES!Dimitri Filipovic
When the #Canucks have Volpatti, Ebbett, Ballard and Tanev on the ice and score a goal, that’s just gravy.Jordan Clarke
What a hard working shift by that line. Relentless forecheck. Constant pressure forces a Ducks error and a well deserved goal for Volpatti.Cam Davie
Volpatti going for a Gordie Howe Hat Trick tonight?! #CanucksG4 all he needs is the assist. #friendlylittlecompetitionwithKassassin #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Ain’t no party like an Aaron Volpatti ‘cuz an Aaron Volpatti don’t stop?Pass it to Bulis
With just over a minute left, Corey Perry tries to fight Alex Edler. Keith Ballard attempts to intervene. What are you even doing, Perry?
Hey Perry.. You angry bro? #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Corey Perry could be a superstar if he wasn’t so bloody dumb sometimes. #TGATT #CanucksKent Basky
Edler’s just, like, dude. Chill. #CanucksLinds
Suppose you;d have to be pretty tough to pick a fight with Alex Edler.Matt Baker
When all is done, Perry walks away with a double minor. He is not pleased.
Perry getting a penalty for charging Edler after Edler planted him into the boards earlier. Leaves his feet, Edler won’t retaliate. #CanucksEd Lau
Perry gets 4 minutes for being a punk. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Earning Edler a hearty round of boos. Yep. Edler. Gangster for life.
Edler is now the most hated man in Disneyland. #CanucksBruce Ng
Love that Alex Edler of all people is being boo’d in a visiting rink. #canucks don’t think that’s ever happened before.Dan Murphy
I love that your general consensus of the whole ordeal is that Edler should not fight anyone… ever. And apparently he hasn’t.
I think Edler whispers "I’m sorry!" every time he hits somebody.Not-So-Miss Kelli
Cory Perry picked basically the last person for a fight. He may as well have picked Raymond.Canucks Misconduct
I can’t even imagine Edler in a fight. I assume he only wears a helmet because they won’t let him wear a birthday hat. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
@passittobulis he says he’s never been in a fight.. Not even with a brother. He’d be hilarious in a fight.Gráinne
It’d be a little like Pete Campbell trying to fight. Only Edler isn’t kind of horrible.
Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5 Lane Pryce Fights Peter Campbelljokaman83
Before the period can end Kassian ruffles up a few more feathers.
Loving Zack Kassian’s slight digs on the PP, while the #NHLDucks struggle with their own composure… kid is maturing a little. #CanucksClayton Corley
Kassian, Bieksa and Ballard have been asking Ducks to fight. No takers so far.Paul Tonsaker
I suspect there will be a few fights in the 3rd..I’d like Kassian to introduce his fist to Southern CaliJenna Fabulous
Meanwhile, during the intermission I realized for the first time that the Ducks logo is a webbed foot… like a duck. Get it?

With yellow visors. RT @KeithMallard: it’s a CRIME that the ducks aren’t forced to wear green helmetsCam Davie
We’re only back for a minute after that stunning realization, but that’s all it takes for a Kassian goal. Canucks now lead 4-0.
Canucks at Ducks – Zack Kassian 4-0 Goal – 01.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
Kassassinated!!!! #TGATTHermenator
#RELEASETHEZACKEN strikes again, preying on dumb penalties like a boss tonight. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Kassian’s, like, nbd, just put it in the net. #CanucksLinds
That’s pretty. Yeah, the twins can make anyone look really good, but those players have to have some hands too. #ZackAttack #CanucksClayton Corley
I love how Kassian and Hodgson are matching each other goal for goal. As if these guys aren’t compared enough. #CanucksMatt Lee
“Anything [Cody] can do I can do better” -KassassinP Y
My favorite part about games with Zack Attack dominance? An excuse to bring out one of these:
Friends Forever- Zack Attacksbtbfanman
Apperantly not having had his full with Volpatti, Matt Beleskey takes on Bieksa as well. Although he tried to get to Hamhuis first.
Kevin Bieksa vs Matt Beleskey Jan 25, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Bieksa fight to defend Hamster’s honour. BEST. GAME. EVER.Jenn Johnson
Bruce Boudreau is not a happy man tonight. Wouldn’t we love to get the HBO crew in the locker room tonight?
Someone give Boudreau a Cinnabon. He’ll calm down pretty quick.Jennifer
Thanks to 24/7 I know what’s coming in the ducks dressing room after the game #canucksGeoff
The fights aren’t done yet. Having failed to lure Edler into fisticuffs, Perry sets his sights on Ballard. You best check yourself before you wreck yourself brother.
Keith Ballard vs Corey Perry Jan 25, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Perry and Ballard are screaming at each other between penalty boxes. This is heated AND FANTASTIC. #CanucksG4Canucks Game
Corey Perry: Sore Loser. #canucksLinds
Perry is just mad that he’s on the Ducks.Mar
NIce of Corey Perry to take his helmet off after the fight is over. That way he can show off how tough he is to the chicks in the crowd.Alan O’Sullivan
The words douche canoe were invented as a quick but accurate way to describe Corey Perry.Rida
A very clear temper tantrum by Perry was like a quantum physics test for the refs. Penalty mins added & subtracted & added & oye… #TGATTVictoria
Spoke to Ballard – said he was heated because he asked Perry to fight a few times in the game and then felt he got jumped. #canucksDan Murphy
And the award for best double up burn goes to Clay for Mighty Ducks and 80’s music.
The only thing mighty about the Ducks tonight is Corey Perry’s mouth. #TGATTClay Imoo
Corey Hart > Corey Perry. #sunglassesatnight #TGATT @Aviewfromabroad: Corey Feldman > Corey Perry.Clay Imoo
Sunglasses at Night – Corey Hart (HQ Audio)luiscmcki
Let’s keep this party going. Raymond scores his second of the game with an assist to Jordan Schroeder for his first NHL point.

This game is just the best guys. 5-0 Canucks.

Canucks at Ducks – Mason Raymond 5-0 Goal – 01.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
What time is it? Five past Hiller. #Canucks #Ducks #NHL #TGATTWalter Siu
When Edler and Raymond draw the venom of the opponents instead of Burrows, Lapierre and, you know, everyone else…it’s a new season.Canucks Misconduct
Also that was a pretty swell pass from Schroeder. This is fun! #canucksSeamus McKale
Mason, this is all I’ve ever wanted from you… keep it up all year please.BrowntoBure
Way to win back a fanbase MayRay. I approve! #Canucks #DucksVictoria
Canucks get another 5-on-3  powerplay before the night is over. Seriously guys. It’s just amazing.  Chris Tanev is getting power play time. He even almost got a goal.
Oh god please get Tanev a goal. Please get Tanev a goal. Please get Tanev a goal. Please get Tanev a goal. Please get Tanev a goal.Cam Davie
This frankenpowerplay line is pretty good. #tgattErrol Feuchuk
I’ve always envisioned the only way Tanev will get his first NHL goal is if the puck bounces off his face and in or something. #CanucksMatt Lee
Whoa. Stop the presses. Tanev just took a slap shot! #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
I love when the leads so big that AV is deciding on lines by picking jersey numbers out of a helmet. "5,4, 40, 21 and… 20! Sure, why not!"Victoria
If you hadn’t figured it out by now, Canucks take the win.
#flippedtheswitch????Steve May
With all the other excitement I almost forgot… With 30 saves Cory Schneider lands his fifth career shutout!
Revenge best served with a shut out! Way to go boys!! Bring on the Sharks…*Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat
I think this just might make up for the Ducks ruining our home opener.
Hey so good news. #Canucks are leading the season series with the Ducks 8-7 on aggregate.Cam Davie
Ducks destroyed us in our home opener, only is fair that we returned the favor! #Canucks #TGATTChris Schneider
And with that, the Canucks rain on Anaheim’s home opener parade. #WayToGoBoysCrystal Harms
Felt pretty damn good indeed. So what did we learn tonight?
So what did we learn? A) it was a bad 1st game B) Corey Perry? Still a dick. C) Still not missing Cody One. Damn. Bit. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Sounds about right. Anything else?
Bribery works as well. RT @passittobulis: The #Canucks powerplay tonight is as pretty as @lizzmoffat. #TGATT #SuckingUpLizz Moffat
Oh right, that flattery (and bribery) will get you far.

See you Sunday.

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