The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 vs Coyotes 4

Has everyone recovered from the Canucks’ 8-3 meltdown in Detroit on Sunday afternoon? How about from their Oscar hangovers? I hope so, we have a Phoenix game to watch!

That is adorable.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 vs Phoenix Coyotes 4

The Vancouver Canucks return home from a 4-game road trip to take on the Phoenix Coyote.

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Has everyone recovered from the Canucks’ 8-3 meltdown in Detroit on Sunday afternoon? How about from their Oscar hangovers? I hope so, we have a Phoenix game to watch!
when i work through the game, it always ends in a blowout. case and point? Home opener and sunday. #canucks #tgattCJ S.
Big @BizNasty2point0 on a points streak! Watch out Canucks (and women of the Roxy,) we have an all-star here who wants to score!Spencer
Just before the puckdrop, it’s my dog Eddie’s 6th birthday. He’s getting a pregame nap in… #TGATT #Canucks Basky
That is adorable.
Also,  just to make you feel really bad about every time you called it a day because your “throat has like an itch, but like in the back”, Henrik is playing his 600th consecutive game tonight, second in the league only to Jay Bouwmeester, but if playoffs counted our boy would be ahead by 86 games. So chew on that.
He’s going streakïngggggg! #HänkëThëTankëAlix
And the big question is, will the PP actually click? Will the Nucks wake up enough to take advantage? #tgattTara T
I’d take the under in this #Canucks vs #Coyotes game but they can’t score less than 0… can they? #TGATTBruce Ng
Cory Schneider seems to get most of the credit for a shot that pings off the post, but he follows up with a fantastic glove save that he can take full credit for a minute later.
First the post made a great save, and now Schneider. Could’ve used a few of those on Sunday. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Everyone thinks Cory Schneider made a miracle save when Vermette actually just hit the post. #Canucks #CoyotesEd Lau
Not too much else to report from the first, except…
So according to @mattlee61 the score is 8-8, Lack is in net and he also scored 4 of the goals. He’s screwing with me……right??? #tgattVictoria
See, Victoria? This is what happens when you leave us for Canuckless California.
The OC Theme songtsfallen
14:22: Kyle Chipchura scores. The assist goes to one of the Roxy’s faves.
It was nice of The Canucks D to take Chipchura’s coat and hat before they allowed him to walk right in and score.Kirk Paul
Chipchura walked in front of the net easier than Byfuglien to the till at McDonalds. #CanucksSpencer
And guess who got an assist … @BizNasty2point0. Points in three-straight game. Roxy tonight?Hosea Cheung
Probably because we don’t have Chipchura. #illshowmyselfout #TGATT RT @canucksgame: #Canucks keep chipping away, no puck luck yet. YET.Walter Siu
We’ll head into the first intermission down 1-0 to the Coyotes.
If you find the Canucks, bring them back with you! RT @canucksgame I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back. Promise.Bryan F.
I hope they’re not too far away.

… Let’s jump into the second.
Dale Weise fights Chipchura. That’ll teach him to score on the Canucks.
Kyle Chipchura vs Dale Weise Feb 26, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Weise and Chipchura fight. Chipchura an assist away from a Gordie Howe hat trick. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Errryday I’m fightin’ for my job – WeiseJenn Johnson
"Dale Weise fought a Chupacabra last night?" – Second hand Canucks fan.j.Bowman
Another half period without much to cheer or rage about. Clay even had time to admire Biz’s footwear.
I have the same skates as @BizNasty2point0. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. #TGATT Imoo
Mikkel Boedker scores, and Phoenix takes a 2-0 lead. We’re going to go ahead and blame Lapierre on this one.
Horrible sequence (and game) for Max Lapierre. #Canucks dominate the puck all period and Coyotes cash in on their one chance. Typical.Jordan Clarke
Lappy with lapses. Not good #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
Awww poor Lapierre, just having a tough game tonight…..Lisa Lin
Surely the Coyotes won’t bog this down into a defensive game now. Surely.Wyatt Arndt
Goal by Jason Garrison! Ryan Kesler does most of the work on that one, but Garrison gets it in with a slapper.
Canucks Vs Coyotes – Jason Garrison Goal – 02.26.13 – HDcanuckshd
Look at me, I suddenly score goals but I’ve always had a sexy beard – GarrisonJenn Johnson
CHANNING MY TATUM WHAT A SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Canucks Game
I Wanna Channing All Over Your Tatumjimmykimmellive
Daniel is taken down by Michael Stone and is called for diving. He’s about as mad as you’ll ever see a Sedin.
"Daniel is furious. As furious as a Sedin gets" Ha!Marda Miller
This is why I love the broadcast. Hearing the phrase "Daniel Sedin is furious" from Shorty and him actually meaning it.j.Bowman
You can put him in the box, but you will never contain Danny’s Swedish thug waysJenn Johnson
Screw you ref. First look at that, Daniel Sedin was a victim of physics and gravity. Quit projecting you bastard… ;-/vancitydan
4-on-4 is good though. Dave Tippett’s system is anti-ice. If he coached N*Sync, they’d have nothing around their neck.Pass it to Bulis
And then we’d never have Dirty Pop. That would be a loss for everyone.
NSYNC’s Dirty pop lyricsspelitube
Truth bomb: Boy bands are always the best way to gear up for a stellar third period. Let’s do this.
Well, looks like it’s time to #windaturd. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
#windaturd that’s all #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
Evidently the refs did not join us in out intermission boy band jam, because they are not ready to rock the third period.
Seriously refs, the Sedins are about to go Swedish hulk on you #youwouldntlikethemwhentheyreangryJenn Johnson
How many non-calls have their been tonight? Do refs just hate the #canucks or is reffing just this bad league wide? #TGATTChris Schneider
Really REALLY trying not to make it about the refs NHL …But thats 2-3 hooks and a too many men in one shift. Helping team you ownvancitydan
I’m sensing a Coyote player could skate the length of the ice with a Canuck’s head on the their stick and still not get a penalty. #tgattTara T
Referees putting on a clinic tonight. The name of that clinic being "how to not do well at your job" #canucksSeamus McKale
Perhaps they prefer some Backstreet Boys?
Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Waybackstreetboysvevo
Coyotes scores. I did NOT want it that way, Antoine Vermette.
I thought Ginger Jesus could stop those. #TGATT 3-1 #coyotesJustine Galo
The way this game is making me feel is the equivalent to what Taylor Swift songs were written about #canucksJocelyn Aspa
Clay’s son, Jake made a mermaid out of balloons. I offer this cuteness up to the Gods of goal scoring.
Jake’s latest balloon creation: Ariel from the Little Mermaid. @ajtuliaoclayimoo
Holy cow, it worked!  One of the Sedins scores and it’s a one-goal game. Seriously, no one knows. They can just share it. 3-2 Phoenix.
Goal given to Daniel. But looked like Henrik touched it. Didn’t see clear replay though. They show a good one on TV?Hosea Cheung
2 straight goals that just barely trickled in #tricklemeElmoTurtle
Goal judges gave that one to "one of them Sedin-lookin’ things" for the time being. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Ah he had red hair. Give it to a twin. #TGATTJustine Galo
The Canucks pull Schneider and let Hamhuis play goal for a minute. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Chipchura gets the puck and fires it in the open net. 4-2 Phoenix.
Imagine if Hamhuis made that save. Then AV would have to find a 3-sided coin. #CanucksEd Lau
What the hell, why wasn’t that icing, and why did Hamhuis just hammer it along the boards? #canucksTurtle
Perfect. PVR replay shows Garrison didn’t touch it, and then ref gets an assist on empty netter. Nice helping the company team guys…vancitydan
Glad that over! 3 day rest coming up; I expect much better Hockey when they come back #TGATT #peaceoutfolksDeborah D Burke
That was probably the worst 6 on 5 I’ve seen in a long time. #TGATTClay Imoo
Game over. At least New Girl is on tonight.
Not A Couple from "Table 34" | NEW GIRL | FOX BROADCASTINGfoxbroadcasting
And that’s all she wrote. #Coyotes finish the #Canucks off with an empty net goal. Can’t we at least be entertaining if we lose?Ed Lau
Well, if this result coupled with Sunday doesn’t scream team meeting, I don’t know what will. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Knowing #canucks fans, losing to the Coyotes leaves lots of legroom on the bandwagon. #TGATTAdam Advocaat

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