The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 vs. Blue Jackets 0 (SO)

It wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, but the Canucks won their 5th consecutive game last night, beating the Columbus Blue Jackets 1-0 in the shootout.

If you were looking for chills, spills and thrills, well, you went to the wrong place.

But hey, 2 points is 2 points, and with the win, the Canucks regained top spot in the Northwest Division, although the idle Minnesota Wild has 2 games in hand.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 vs Columbus Blue Jackets 0 (SO)

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We’re back again in Rogers Arena, playing Columbus for the final time this season, and quite possibly the last time before they leave for the Eastern Conference next season. 
Time to take a bite out of the CBJ! <a href="" class=""></a>FIN
Thank God Columbus is getting moved to the Eastern Conference next season #yawn #canucksTurtle
The puck is dropped and away we go. 

Unfortunately, I got caught up trying to purchase plane tickets. Did I miss much?
Quick! Somebody make a "YOU’RE A FORWARD TONIGHT, BALLARD!" poster and hold it against the glass when #kb4ward skates by! #CanucksLinds
If they start awarding points for completed passes, the #Canucks will get the cup every year.Shaun Stewart
Ah, just the usual. Also, in case you forgot, stickhandling isn’t exactly Cory Schneider’s strongest asset. Luckily, it doesn’t result in a goal.
"Stick-handling? Psh" – as Cory Schneider kicks the puck from behind the net. #canucksHosea Cheung
Schneids bored he had to see if he could make it interesting by playing the puck behind his net. Almost a bobble. Still #CBJ w/ 2 SOG #tgattJustine Galo
LOL! #TGATT RT @CanuckClay: Who would win in a stick-handling competition between Schneider, Luongo, and Stevie Wonder?Caylie King
Can we get one of those collars that zaps you when you stray for Schneider?Jenn Johnson
The first period ends scoreless, but Kevin Bieksa takes it upon himself to entertain the folks at home.
"Schneids made two big saves for us. …just kidding. I don’t remember what they were." LOL, @kbieksa3 wins the interview. #CanucksEd Lau
Kevin Bieksa should be the only guy they ever talk to between periods.Shaun Stewart
The second period… is not very eventful. The internet continued to reject my attempts at making online purchases.
I’ve decided that the Sedins have been replaced by The Silence. #canucks #doctorwhoLinds
I swear Minnesota stole Columbus’ jerseys and flew to Vancouver.Bryan F.
Hard to criticize the #canucks in this game, but maybe their trigger fingers need to be a touch itchier @canucksgame #TGATTJay Jones
Luongo is not even watching the game anymore. Is this even allowed? Doesn’t matter, because Bobby Luo don’t care.
What’s #Luongo watching on the @VanCanucks bench tonight? CAPTION THIS –> <a href="" class=""></a>NHL
That’s a wrap on the second.
Second verse, same as the first. Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt, and this game is painfully dull.Pass it to Bulis
Biggest ovation tonight: The guy that won the Tim Hortons "Donut Coffee Cup" shell game. In his defence, it was riveting.j.Bowman
Second intermission is over and my plane tickets are still not purchased. Boo.
The Clash – London Callingtheclashvevo
Hey, a powerplay! It doesn’t really achieve much, but it happened.
"Those looking for some excitement in this game, don’t worry. The powerplay will save us!" – 2011 Canucks fanj.Bowman
At the game. Just woke up from my nap. Still 0-0? Ok. Zzzzz. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Only half a period left, and still no goals in this game! SOMEBODY SCORE ALREADY!! #canucks #tgattChris Schneider
Alex Burrows is taken down.  Though apparently, literally tackling someone is not a penalty.
Zebras once again abusing Burrows. How that was not a penalty IDK. #TGATTGlen Thayer
Taking a nap on top of Burrows: apparently not worth a penalty.Shaun Stewart
Jaysus. If I did what just happened to Burrows to anyone on the street I would be arrested or offered an NFL contract. Maybe both. #BSNoCallj.Bowman
@glenthayer tackled and held for ten seconds. Then they missed the trip at centre. It’s is absolutely atrocious. #canucks #TGATTJustin Abraham
An amazing save from Schneider saves a Bieksa giveaway from becoming a goal. Still no score.
Just a terrible giveaway by Bieksa but Schneider bails his ass out. Umberger penalty for tripping. #Canucks PP.Ed Lau
Bieksa’ll remember that Schneider save. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
No one is ever going to score. Ever. This game will one day be some weird trivia question answer.
#Canucks <a href="" class=""></a>Alyssa Kupila
For kicks and giggles, I bet this game goes 12 rounds in the shootout. #moreplease #notreally #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
#TGATT #DogYawn #TGATB (the game according to Bernard) <a href="" class=""></a>Chuk
If the #Canucks don’t get a point of this game we are never getting these agonizingly boring three hours back.Kirk Paul
Oh for the love of everything that is exciting…because this game is like the song that never ends! #TGATTKiran Mehat
This is the game that doesn’t end. Yes it goes on and on my friend…#TGATT #CanucksGlen Thayer
Lamb chops play-Alongambibabe86
It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it? Good luck with that.
Overtime, because I’m sure an extra 5 minutes will solve this.
Can we just have this game end, right now, in a tie? There are no winners tonight.Seamus McKale
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…you also miss 100% of the shots you shoot over the net #whatIlearnedtoday #canucksTurtle
I’m still watching this game. This is why the NHL can have lockouts.Jordan Clarke
No one. No one will ever score. This game will continue forever. RT @canucksgame: I’ve got Higgins for the game-winner. You?Spencer
Shots are 43519837405937405917340591734096710396474310967013947066174309617049671093476091374609137409613740967049610396 – 5 for the CanucksSchneider’s Teeth
The NHL should mandate that any teams involved in a game that’s 0-0 after 60 minutes be required to do bag skates for 3 hours the next daySeamus McKale
This #Canucks game is going to be my counter argument for the next time someone says baseball is boring.Malcolm Wheeler
The OT highlight is a toss up between a breakaway from Hansen..
Jannik Hansen WRIST – Game Video – NHL Video Highlights – Mar 26 ’13 – NHL VideoCenter – Vancouver CanucksColumbusBlue Jackets versus VancouverCanucks – Game Video – NHL Video Highlights – March 26, 2013 – With NHL Vancouver Canucks Online you…
And a funny accent from Shorty.
Shorty with the highlight of the night "darn tyutin" #TGATTSean Holmes-Smith
How did we get to OT before that "Darn Tyutin!" joke?Shaun Stewart
Now we’re off to the shootout. I know, shocking.
I can’t believe we just watched 65 minutes of NO GOALS WHATSOEVER! Talk about boring! #canucks #stalemate #tgattChris Schneider
Watch, this will be a 50-round shootout with no goals scored until the final shot.david
This shootout should just be Schneider and Bobrovsky taking shots at each other.Seamus McKale
If I see the first shootout guy dump it in the corner and chase it, I’m gonna snapJeff Paterson
Watching an entire playoff series featuring Columbus is my single greatest fear on this EarthSeamus McKale
Spinorama too. RT @BradZiemer: The only thing that will save this game is Ballard scoring the shootout winner. #CanucksHosea Cheung
Do it!!! #KB4shootout #secretmove #realpiratesarescum <a href="" class=""></a>j.Bowman
Raymond… Nope.
Mason Raymond on the shoot-out for the Canucks! <a href="" class=""></a>Jonathan Mara
Raymond forgot to call rent on his hotel on St. James Place, Bobrovsky gets off scot free. #canucks #monopolyLinds
Anisimov… Nope
"Anisimov can’t get it up" … That’s what she said!Sedinitronic
#CBJ Anisimov tries to go backhand gloveside, but Schneider sniffed it out. 0-0 after one.Aaron Portzline
Schroeder… Nope. Even the camera guy is over this.
Schroeder can’t get Bob to fall for the fake. Ryan Johansen on deck. #CanucksEd Lau
Johansen… Good night.
Johansen tries to go backhand, Schneider follows the whole way. Lapierre next for the #Canucks.Ed Lau
Lapierre.. GOAL. Thank the Lord, it’s still possible.
Well at least Lapierre’s shootout goal was nice… #canucks #TGATTSean Holmes-Smith
It is exciting when Lappy scores though, aint it? When he celebrates you just want to jump off your couch and cheer with him.Omar
FINALLY A PUCK CROSSES A GOAL LINE!! Lappy wins it in the shootout for the #canucks #tgattChris Schneider
Calvert can’t get the matching goal and the game comes to a merciful  and celebratory end.
Canucks Vs Jackets – Full Shootout – 03.26.13 – HDcanuckshd
So Lapierre just made this game with a happy ending goal in the shootout. Rare skills comp win. #tgatt #CanucksJustine Galo
what more can be said except to be thankful that this game is over, and the #Canucks got the second point. #tgattgerimaple

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