The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 at Wild 4

Mired in a 3-game losing slump, the Canucks called a team meeting prior to facing the Minnesota Wild on Sunday night. Did it work?


The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 at Minnesota Wild 4

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Apparently it’s Sunday, which means we get our Canucks fix in a handy 5 PM form. Unless you live somewhere that doesn’t care for this time change nonsense, then I don’t know what time it is for you. Maybe it’s Thursday, I don’t know.
The #Canucks game is not an hour away. It’s now. Now is 5 PM. Time isn’t an objective reality, but a subjectively communal creation.Pass it to Bulis
If the #Canucks are 1/10th as pumped up as Garry Valk, this game is in the bank.Dimitri Filipovic
Oh. 24 seconds in and Minnesota scores. It’s going to be one of THOSE nights, isn’t it?
So they don’t take an early penalty, but give up an early goal. Brutal. #Canucks down 1-0 just 24 seconds in. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Ummmm… #Canucks ?!? I haven’t even opened my beer yet ! #Ouch Go #Canucks Go !!!BobSongs (Hockey)
This is exactly the start the #Canucks talked about having during that team meeting. #perfectexecutionKirk Paul
It somehow makes it so much worse that the goal came from someone named "Pareezy".Dimitri Filipovic
Table. Flipped. Getting really, really, REALLY tired of this trend. #TGATTKent Basky
Second straight game Cory Schneider has allowed a goal against on the first scoring chance faced… #CanucksThomas Drance
Cory Schneider isn’t perfect and has let in goals in his career. CHANGE EVERYTHING.Alan O’Sullivan
Teams that could use Roberto Luongo: Tampa Bay, Florida, Chicago, Winnipeg, Vancouver.Cam Charron
Woah. There is some anger brewing already. Everyone on the ice gets involved in the scuffle. Minnesota decides they need two dudes to take down Mason Raymond, and Daniel steps in. Alex Edler almost fights, and of course, Alex Burrows and Mikko Kouvu started it.
That’s exactly it. RT @dev87k: @canucksgame where they fighting over your popcorn?Canucks Game
Emotion. Yes. I like to see this happening, now use it. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
So Burrows did nothing, then Koivu did nothing, then it somehow escalated immediately into them hacking and shouting at each otherSeamus McKale
Koivu and Burrows going at it! News flash: These teams don’t like each other.Canucks Misconduct
Edler and Clutterbuck please fightGráinne
This is what I will hear from now on. RT @mizzwacky: I think Burrows was singing "Build Me Up Clutterbuck" in his cute French accent.Tara T
Some emotion in this one. Not as fun as Canada-Mexico … yet. #canucks #wildHosea Cheung
WBC: Canada-Mexico brawlBrightcove
It takes a few minutes, but a full fledged fight eventually breaks out between Mike Rupp and Tom Sestito. These two gentlemen do not like each other.
Tom Sestito vs Mike Rupp Mar 10, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Rupp is just mad cuz he plays for Minnesota now.Marda Miller
Did Rupp take a bite outta Sesito’s jersey? #tgatt #canucksHermenator
Good for Sestito for dropping with Rupp. Big haymakers that didnt connect. But still love to see this emotion #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
The penalty box is filling up early. It’ll be standing room only soon at this rate.
Goonesota?Schneider’s Teeth
Told you! Zenon Konopka has to squeeze in behind the scorekeepers.
Canucks on power play. Konopka gets a penalty for having, uh, words with Ballard.Jason Botchford
Zenon Konopka is the gift that keeps on giving. What an idiot. Lucky for him we have a total crap PP. #TGATTKent Basky
Yeah Konopka, fight Keith Ballard. That’ll prove to everyone how tough you areSeamus McKale
The resulting Canucks power play is not good. It’s just not. 
What your witnessing is a PP without a bonafide QB. #CanucksDave Cee
The #Canucks power play is an embarrassment. Getting sick and tired of this drop pass entry that EVERY TEAM KNOWS #TGATTCaylie King
Apparently, dropping down and doing pushups in practice does not fix powerplay ineffectiveness. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
#positivity RT @BeantownCanuck: Edler passing to no one is an improvement on Edler passing to the other team.Hosea Cheung
You know when Marty & Doc Brown discover the Delorean is out of gas in BTTF3? Yeah, the #Canucks power play. Same thing.Chris Golden
So what I think Chris is saying is that we need to steal a train.
Back to the Future Part 3 (8/10) Movie CLIP – Train Ride to the Future (1990) HDmovieclips
If only the team was able to devote some sort of scheduled time period to focus and work on areas where they struggle… I’m just not sure what to call something like that…
Iverson Practice!gordievsky
Jason Zucker tips in a goal from Matt Cullen. The Wild take a 2-0 lead into the first intermission.
Newell Brown will not be sharing any mini donuts with John Garret after he reminded everyone on air that he’s in charge of the powerplay.Kirk Paul
The North West division is the worst division in hockey and Vancouver is on its way to giving up the division lead. Let that sink in.;
Push-ups for everyone for the entire intermission! Get your sh!t together #Canucks! #tgattluonGOLD
As first periods go, that was right up there with Carrie. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Now what to do with the next 18 minutes…. Let’s fire coaches and write songs.
Can they fire coaches mid-way through the game, if so AV you’re fired! #CanucksJeremy Hakansson
Does Newell have complete control of the powerplay? I mean can AV step in and let him know that his way ain’t working? Ridiculous. #CanucksCurtis Reid
No structure in canucks game. Can’t make 3 passes in a row. Can’t skate. Can’t setup on PP. Means 1 thing… Fire AV!Paul Heer
Can we fire AV NOW?!?!?!?! Pleeeeeeeeeeease? #Canucks #righttheshipSporting Vancouver
i’m gonna write a song called: my team is terrible and it hurtsJudith
Hey guys, guess what? Minny scored again. On the power play this time. After the Canucks took a penalty 9 seconds in.  Awesome, I’m so glad I’m watching this game with all of you right now.
Canucks start by getting a tripping penalty. Helluva plan.Brent Butt
Dumb penalties for everyone. Yay. #TGATTKent Basky
Wild make it 3-0, this time on the PP. #Canucks, take notes. Nice shot by Spurgeon for the goal.Hosea Cheung
3 buzz Minny. Good enough headstart you’ve given ’em boys. #CanucksChris Golden
Doesn’t appear to be 35’s night. Nothing wrong with that. If only there was another No. 1 goalie who could step inJason Botchford
The look on AV’s face says "I have no idea what to do".Brock Jackson
Can we at least start making some zombie jokes?
The Walking Dead 3×12 Sneak Peek #2 "Clear" (HD)televisionpromos
Guess I don’t need to watch Walking Dead tonight after watching that lifeless effort on the power play. Get it together, CanucksGreg Pow
Do I watch the walking dead now or the canucks aka the skating dead. Tough choice.Christyb
At least we have John Garrett to provide product reviews for  our enjoyment.
Love that John Garrett feels he has to chime in on every sponsored product…because he’s used/seen EVERYTHING IN EXISTANCE. #CanucksEd Lau
You know a game is crap when the most interesting part is what John Garrett is having for dinner #Canucks #canucksG24Chris Pysanczyn
Hey look at that, Canucks goal! Higgins, who’s probably been the best Canuck on the ice tonight scores it. 3-1.
Canucks at Wild – Chris Higgins Goal – 03.10.13 – HDcanuckshd
HIGGY pots one on a hardworking shift. Kasassian does the work, team gets rewarded with a goal! Let’s turn this game around boys! #tgattluonGOLD
Hey lookie – a goal! ABS with his 7th of the season. Still trail 3-1 though. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
great work by Kass and Higgie pots one #Canucks #TGATT we need line 3 to step upGlen Thayer
Whatever. Even when the #Canucks suck, we still have abs.Jenn Johnson
Set up by some great work by…  Andrew Alberts.
Andrew Alberts just had a tremendous shift. True story.Thomas Drance
Can we just loop footage of that shift to the Canucks and say "Play like THAT!"? 30 seconds of greatness in an uninspiring performancemCam Davie
It’s still 3-1 going into the second intermission, so everyone figure out what you need to do to make this game suck less.
#TGATT @b_klair: @concretefluff seriously this game is giving me a freak’in headache!!! Bench Edler, bench Garrison, heck bench everyone!!Victoria
Changing up the mojo for de turd. Put the jersey on. #TGATT something, anything has to helpGlen Thayer
Good job at doing whatever you did. Jason Garrison takes the shot, and it’s off Henrik’s skate, but without the kicking motion, so good goal! 3-2.
Garriboomer tings the crossbar #TGATT we finally get to see that boom shot #impressed #CanucksGlen Thayer
They are flukey, ugly, lucky-ass goals. But we will take ’em. Atta boy Hank! #windaturd #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Swedish thugs score goals off their feet. There’s no stopping them.Jenn Johnson
A weird bounce deflectioney goal in OUR favour? Really? #CanucksJennifer
Of course, we couldn’t enjoy it for long. Chris Tanev heads down the tunnel after blocking a shot with his hand.
Wouldn’t it be fun for the Canucks to lose their only remaining right-shooting defenseman?Seamus McKale
Season of the Damned. Tanev totally going to have a broken wrist or something.Alan O’Sullivan
Ouch. That looks like it hurt Tanev. He’s going back to the dressing room. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
He’ll be back. You know he’ll be back. #tanev #canucksChris Golden
Noooo not Tanev @eddielack will be distraught Hope he’s ok #Canucks #TGATTGlen Thayer
Someone should do a safety check-in on @eddielack #tanmandown #canucksSir Tasty Nugs III
If Tanev’s potential injury hasn’t ruined your night, maybe a second goal from Parise will. 4-2 Minny.
Parise, intentionally saying your name the old way. #CanucksDave Cee
Good lord. So much for any momentum… Parise tucks in his 2nd of the night.. #Wild lead 4-2 #CanucksAlece Anderson
Everytime Parise scores, a part of me diesLiam Naylor
#urgency RT @botchford: 12 mins into the third, the Canucks have 2 shots on net.Canucks Hockey Blog
Canucks playing like it’s game 53 of 82. Except it’s not.Erik Rolfsen
For a minute it looked like we might lose Henrik too, but he came right back. As did Tanev. Rejoice.
Haha wow. Henrik better be limping down the tunnel because of a busted skate. Or that’s it.Alan O’Sullivan
Hank should be studied. For science. And hockey. Hockey science.Alix
Henrik just replaced his foot. True fact: there are actually four Sedin twins, but two have been harvested for parts. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
@passittobulis I was thinking Hank and Nick Lidstrom had the same parts dealer. #euromadeCanuckFanInSF
Wasn’t really worried about Henrik, his bones are literally made of diamonds and his flesh is mostly kevlarSeamus McKale
Tanev is back? So they did give him the Luke Skywalker bionic hand! Technology these days! #canucks #canucksG24 #TGATTnewvanfan
Despite pulling Schneider for the final two minutes, it’s no help and the game ends in another loss. 4-2 Minnesota.
DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!! Cause it wasn’t…..Canucks lose 4-2.Jennifer
Hard to find a silver lining from that game. At least no one was killedSeamus McKale
#Canucks well that was a sad game. Maybe this will wake them up. Gotta start scoring gents #TGATT l8r…Glen Thayer
#Canucks #TGATT RT @Canuckfan4Life2: Better team won.Caylie King
So this is what 7th place feels like. #CanucksSpencer
Remember when we thought the Canucks had all but clinched the Northwest Division title? Well, the Wild just took that lead. 
Congrats on the NW division lead Wild. It looked like you actually wanted it.Jenn Johnson
Well, that was terrible. #Canucks lose their 4th in a row and their spot atop the NW division. Worst stretch of hockey in recent memory.Ed Lau
And the struggles continue. Don’t get too comfortable Minny! We’ll be back. #CanucksJenn
Hey, at least we have some more entertaining zombies to watch tonight.
What a lifeless, brain dead, zombie fest. Now for some Walking Dead. #CanucksAlan O’Sullivan

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  1. Another lose,another sub par performance.another Vancouver Goalie in Crisis when is this team gonna get their heads outta their asses and play the Hockey we love them for???

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