The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Avalanche 2

Dale Weise was out of the lineup so Cam Barker was back in. And Keith Ballard was back at forward. What could possibly go wrong?

Actually, it wasn’t too bad.

Against the worst team in the west, Cory Schneider got his fourth consecutive start and the Canucks extended their win streak to 4 games.

For good measure, Keith Ballard also got on the scoreboard with an assist on Alex Burrows’ game-winning goal.

Now on to the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 at Colorado Avalanche 2

The Canucks look to sweep their road trip against the Colorado Avalanche in this Walking Dead-filled Game According to Twitter.

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The last Sunday afternoon game of the season means it’s also our last chance to make Walking Dead references about the game. But here’s hoping the Canucks don’t do anything to deserve them.
If you missed it, Dale Weise is out with a shoulder injury, so Coach V is playing musical lines. Chris Higgins will play with the Sedins, and Alex Burrows moves down to the third with Andrew Ebbett and Keith Ballard. Let’s do this.
This #Canucks season has reached the point where my reaction to a Dale Weise injury is basically "welp, that could be costly."Thomas Drance
I don’t know what’s worse: that Weise is out or that the Canucks forwards are so injury riddled that I care that Weise is out.Quinn Omori
What on earth. Ballard, Ebbett and Burrows on the 3rd line? Go home AV, you’re drunk.Mars Middleton
Did Weise hurt his shoulder? Or did Keith Ballard drop him in the hallways so Operation: KB4-ward could continue? #KB4WardWyatt Arndt
Shane O’Brien crosschecks Ballard, putting the Canucks on the powerplay. Don’t despair though – just 11 seconds into the powerplay and 5 minutes into the game, they scored! Jason Garrison gets his 5th goal of the season.
Canucks at Avs – Jason Garrison 1-0 Goal – 03.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
AND he draws penalties. Is there anything Keith Ballard can’t do? (aside from getting a fair shake in Vancouver that it) #KB4wardj.Bowman
The Colorado Avalanche, and particularly Shane O’Brien, is just what the doctor ordered for the #Canucks offense.Dimitri Filipovic
Haha! O’Brien still stinks! #CanucksJustin Ho
SOB giving #KB4ward the lumber; "You’re the reason I am here!" #TGATTChris Baldwin
PPG, a rarity, like finding a pearl in your oyster on a half shell. #Canucks #tgattJustine Galo
Shane O’Brien barely had time to get comfortable in the penalty box. #Canucks score a power play goal, take 1-0 lead.Hosea Cheung
Considering how bad the #Canucks PP has been, that goal was the perfect embodiment of it. Man they’re looking good now #TGATTKent Basky
The Canucks are quickly awarded another power play, but elect to spend 2-minutes demonstrating their passing skills rather than trying to score.
Inexplicably, Daniel did not shoot this puck…instead he passed it cross-crease to his brother. #unselfish <a href="" class=""></a>Clay Imoo
Hahahahaha omg the collective reaction in my basement to Daniel Sedin not shooting there was HILARIOUS.Taryn D.
The Sedins putting on a passing clinic again. So much so they forgot to shoot it. #canucksHosea Cheung
OMG. Sedins. Stop that. Someone shoot.Chris Dion
They score one PP goal, all of a sudden they are too arrogant to shoot until they’ve passed it 14 times. Damn it Daniel!j.Bowman
Apparently unimpressed by the passing showcase, Jamie McGinn quickly scores to tie it up.
Maybe Cam Barker thought HE was playing forward. Got caught deep, odd man rush the other way, and we have a tie game. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
I wonder if the Avalanche could run that 2 on 1 any more perfect. I dare them.Spencer
The #Avs tie it on an awful — AWFUL — pinch from Cam Barker. #CanucksMatt Lee
Mason Rayyyyymond scores 4 minutes into the second period. Everyone’s favorite drinking game subject is now tied with Daniel as the team’s leading scorer.
Canucks at Avs – Mason Raymond 2-1 Goal – 03.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
Man, I can’t imagine what this season would’ve been like if Raymond was traded for SOB’s jock strap like people wanted. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Mason Raymond Appreciation Tweet.Spencer
Giguère seemed to be caught off guard by that shot. Probably didn’t expect a coward like Raymond to even attempt something like that.Dimitri Filipovic
If u have not noticed Mason Raymonds got 9 goals tied for team lead, he is on fire last 2 games #CanucksJasrick Johal
tinypic photoTinyPic
The new third line scores! Burrows gives the Canucks a 3-1 lead.
Canucks at Avs – Alex Burrows 3-1 Goal – 03.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
Ballard-Ebbett-Burrows is the line of destinySeamus McKale
Burrows gives D-man Johnson the how-do-ya-do and roofs a backhander past Giguere’s glove on the short side. #canucks #avalancheBen Kuzma
THAT WAS SICK, BURR. Burr goes backhand, far side, TOP SHELF on Giguire to make it 3-1. Where’d the room to do that!? #Canucks #AvsEd Lau
BURROWS is a monster!!!!! #CanucksMarda Miller
Worth mentioning Ballard got a second assist there. Fitting like a glove as a forward, dare I say? #CanucksMatt Lee
Ironic that the only person who knows how to derail and contain Keith Ballard is Alain Vigneault. #TGATTj.Bowman
After spending the second intermission learning fun facts about Florida Gulf Coast University…
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFlorida Gulf Coast stunned Georgetown on Friday in the NCAA tournament, becoming just the seventh No. 15 seed to defeat a No. 2 since the…
… we’re back and ready to watch the Canucks sit on a two-goal lead. 

Or are we?
Canucks offence looks thirsty. I get the feeling they’re not interested in trying to sit on this one. Prediction: They pop 5.Guts McTavish
Nevermind, they’ll totally protect the lead for 20 minutes. There isn’t a ton to report from the third.
5:30 left in the 3rd. #Canucks aren’t pressing, aren’t sitting back. They’re there though. #whatJory? #CanucksG32Canucks Game
Schneider makes some saves.
"Blocker save by Schneider!!!" -Cheech Music to my ears, that is. #tgatt #Canucks #coryrhymeswithgloryluonGOLD
Meanwhile, Twitter slowly fills up with Walking Dead spoilers. For that, Glen would like to offer you a hug.
The refs make some interesting calls that ultimately result in a 2-man advantage for the Avalanche…
Ahhhh yes, here come the make-up calls from the Zebras. Halfway through the third, right on cue. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Chris Higgins gets a penalty for “hooking.” On which corner does he do this? I’m asking for a friend. #CanucksGayCanuck / Tom
Higgins abs are taking names and will attack later on.. #tgatt #CanucksJustine Galo
Yet another #gamemanagement shoutout by ShortySchneider’s Teeth
Makeup calls galore. #Canucks down two men for a little more than a minute with about 4 to go. #Avs call timeout.Ed Lau
If the Avalanche weren’t terrible these penalties might be cause for serious concernSeamus McKale
Well, something happened. As the power play ends, Parenteau scores to bring the Avalanche within a goal with less than 3 minutes to play.
Well, at least they scored after the first penalty expired. Still 3-2 #Canucks. Back to even-strength now. #silverliningsCanucks Hockey Blog
Unlucky. Fluke goal goes off Jannik Hansen and bounces past Schneider. #Canucks lead down to 1. #AvsEd Lau
Hansen must be glad there is no Own Goal statistic in hockey. #Canucks $#TGATTWalter Siu
The Avalanche couldn’t get another point, not even with Shane O’Brien on the ice, and the Canucks will take the 3-2 win.
Semi-serious question. If your team is down a goal with a minute left, why is Shane O’Brien on the ice? #Canucks #AvsMatt Lee
#TGATT RT @jBowmancouver: Vintage Shane O’Brien. #idiotCaylie King
Hammer with the Superhero slide at the last second to save a game-tying goal. #CanucksWin! #tgatt whhoooooo!!!luonGOLD
That’s a four-game wining streak and a sweep for the road trip.
Another big win for Schneider and the boys. That’s 4 straight #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
and that’s a WIN!!! 2 pts! WHOOOO HOOOO!!! on to the next 2 pts… LETS GO CANUCKS! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Are the Canucks on a winning streak? I never thought I’d see those again…woooooo! On to the next one…*Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat

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