The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 4 vs. Flames 1

Cory Schneider’s got the flu so Roberto Luongo gets a start. And the Canucks had to sign University of Calgary Dino, Dustin Butler, to back him up.

No worries though. Lu’s got this – he made stopped 40 of 41 Flames shots en route to a 4-1 Canucks win.

Yeah, he’s not bad, eh?

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 4 at Calgary Flames 1

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After handing off TGATT all weekend, Lizz is back and ready to watch the Canucks take on the Calgary Flames. You know who else is back tonight? The one and only Roberto Luongo.
Schneider starts again / Unless someone poisons him / Someone Italian #HockeyHaikuPass it to Bulis
Conflicting reports about who’s in net for #Canucks. WHAT’S GOING ON!? Is Schneider dead? Was Lu found giving Lady MacBeth soliloquy?Ed Lau
Why Luongo is starting tonight
Yep, Schneider has the flu, so Luo takes the surprise start and U of C netminder, Dustin Butler will be filling in on the bench. The University of Calgary’s team is called the Dinos, which is fantastic. Butler’s red locks also keep our redhead ratio intact, which is an advanced stat that really doesn’t get enough attention.
Stop the press. Schneider sick, Luongo gets surprise start. UofC goalie Dustin Butler to serve as backup for #Canucks against #Flames.Ben Kuzma
Backup goalie Butler is a red head. He is genetically pre-disposed to do well with us if needed #TGATT #canucksGlen Thayer
The #canucks should start the university goalie, I mean it would be good sportsmanship since we’re playing an AHL team #flamersTurtle
Did the Canucks sign the back up based on the red hair? #Canucks #tgattPaulie Walnuts
Is there a giant database of redheaded emergency goalies?Pass it to Bulis
Chris’s Higgins and Tanev will not be joining us, likely for awhile.
Clearly the Canucks should have loaded up on Chris’ at the deadline. We have a drastic shortage. #ChrisFamine2013j.Bowman
Calgary scores first. No one is happy, not even Flames fans. They have a draft position to protect!
Glencross spins in slot and wrist shot deflects off Kesler and trickles far side on Luongo. First NHL point for West Van native Reinhart.Ben Kuzma
Under 4 minutes left in the first and it 1-0 #Heat up on the #Canucks ,,,,,, #flamesDarren Zaleschuk
Here come the "put in Butler" jokesWyatt Arndt
Wow. If the Canucks lose this game, I’ll be razzed. Not even Flames fans want them to win this game. Jesus Christ boys. #PickItUpKeegan Duke
dear Calgary Flames: your goal song simultaneously sucks and blows.cherry grant
Canucks goal!… Or is it?
That was in. Come on. How many disallowed goals can we have this week? #CanucksHolly
No wonder Burrows is one of the most hated players in the league. But he just wants to be bffs with other goalies, I think.Omar
SERIOUSLY. WTH is with the kicking and dis-allowed goals?? Zebras are out to get us. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
See, this is a no-goal call worth getting upset about, Vancouver. Hopefully they give it back.Shaun Stewart
The ref says ‘No,’ but the video review says ‘Yes!’ It’s all tied up at one. Alex Burrows was down, but it was Dennis Wideman’s stick that poked it in.
Canucks at Flames – Alex Burrows 1-1 Goal – 04.10.13 – HDCanucksHD
Alex Burrows goal counts. Assist to video review. #Canucks tied 1-1.Hosea Cheung
So we’re agreed then, most Burrows-ish goal ever? #TGATTSteve May
That was the most begrudging goal call I have ever seen. He clearly did not want to allow that. #justicej.Bowman
#canucks Burrows says he thought about getting down and heading that puck into the net. That would have been a good replay.Dan Murphy
One sec, I have to put all this tinfoil away #TGATTKent Basky
As your intermission entertainment I would like to share the best story of interspecies friendship that has ever existed.
Lion, Tiger and Bear Make for Odd, Yet Happy Family at Ga. SanctuaryImage credit: ABC News At Noah’s Ark, a wild-animal rescue center in Georgia, the "BLT" are an unlikely trio that even "Oz’s" Dorothy wou…
They’re three best friends guys. They’re the three best friends that anybody could have.
We’re the three best friends that anybody could haveIAbortionsTickleI
As we return for the second period, we learn that our very own John Garrett never got his deserved second assist on Gordie Howe’s last NHL goal. Sportsnet wants to FIX IT.
Gordie Howe’s Last NHL Goal Video – NHL VideoCenterGordie Howe’s Last NHL Goal – April 9, 1980: Gordie Howe’s last goal in the National Hockey League.
Gordie Howe’s last goal in the NHL was assisted by Canucks own commentator, John Garrett #giveittocheechAndrea A
#giveittocheech #CanucksKristen Day
@sportsnetmurph get that assist to cheech! Gotta be a part of Mr. Hockey’s last goal! #giveittocheechGreg Smith
Hey @adriandix, if you are elected premier will you use your influence and power to make the NHL #giveittocheech????Jim Duhaime
#giveittocheech as long as I don’t have to hear what he ate for dinner next gameGary Perry
Kraft Dinner #GiveItToCheechKent Basky
Have an extra @FiveGuys cheese burger? #giveittocheechFred Shoppe
I can only imagine what the rest of the country is going to think Canucks fans are talking about #giveittocheech #whataboutchong?Conner Galway
Yet another thing Canucks fans are whining about. #giveittoCheechRon MacLean
The second period passes and is largely uneventful. 
This game is hurting my feelings.Dimitri Filipovic
I’m not being lazy tonight, I swear, there’s just not that much happening. Scoring chances are few and far between… still a 1-1 tie.Canucks Game
Y’all argue about refs and what is and isn’t diving…
Right, getting grabbed in the face and spun around is a dive. #smh #TGATT #canucksJustin Abraham
2 things…how does Burr not get a PP off getting high sticked, x chk’d and mugged. Then how is Roy getting strng armed diving?? #TGATTGlen Thayer
Going full pirouette isn’t a dive though. Just so were clear. #Canucks #TGATTJustin Abraham
#AutomatedEveryTeamDivesIncludingYoursSoShutTheHellUpJackassTweet #TGATTKent Basky
… That’s basically it. The second period ends and we’re still tied up at 1.
Yes Sportsnet, please beat the dead horse throughout the 2nd intermission. #LuongoJennifer
The wife, just now: "1-1? Aren’t the Flames, like, a sad baby team?"Pass it to Bulis
It was not like playing a baby team, because THAT would have been ADORABLE.
Baby LuongoGoaliemonkey88
The third period is boring. It’s boring and I’m bored, and is this what it’s like to live in Calgary?
The #Canucks game is still on, but my attention is on Words with Friends. Trusting Shorty will tell me when to look up for replays #tgattgerimaple
Dearest Canucks, this is the 3rd period, it’s impt that you get a GOAL in the next 13 min or so. Canuck Nation does not like OT or… #TGATTDeborah D Burke
It should not be this hard to score in Calgary. #CanucksMarda Miller
Aside from Luongo, Cory Schneider is the best Canuck tonight. #TGATTIan Smith
This game sucks. In case you’re not watching. In which case I envy you.Wyatt Arndt
@thestanchion this game needs a canucks goal and then zach kassian flys into the sky with rockets on his skates like in Blades of GloryRyan H
Boredom over, Canucks score. Thank-you very much Lapierre! It’s 2-1 with less than 6 minutes to play.
Canucks at Flames – Maxim Lapierre 2-1 Goal – 04.10.13 – HDCanucksHD
Walk away from boring game. Max puts one in #TGATT #Canucks #justmyluckDebi Turner
The Canucks with TWO totally garbage goals tonight.Cam Davie
Another goal! This one goes to Mason Raymond. We never should have worried, Raymond always scores in Calgary. 3-1 with just over 4 minutes to go.
Canucks at Flames – Mason Raymond 3-1 Goal – 04.10.13 – HDCanucksHD
That was some hand eye coordination by Raymond as he swats the puck out of mid-air. #Canucks lead 3-1.Matt Lee
MASE! Batting better than the Marlins! #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
MayRay with a swing and hits the mesh. #canucks tribute to baseball goal. #tgattJustine Galo
MAY RAY DAY! MAY RAY DAY! The Blue Jays could use Raymond batting leadoff with that hit out of mid air. #Canucks #TGATTBruce Ng
Death, taxes, Mason Raymond goal against Calgary. 3-1 #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Haha what a weird goal by Raymond. Wonder if he plays T-ball in the offseason while the rest are golfing. #Canucks #BabyFaceRaymondKatie Maximick
@KMaximick you think AV has orange slices for him when he gets to the bench?Tony King
What is happening? The Canucks score again, and on the power play to boot. This one courtesy of Daniel. 
Daniel to Henrik back to Daniel SCORE! I’m not kidding thats seriously my favorite thing about the canucks #sedins #twins #canucksRobert Blandon
3 late goals, when it rains it pours and we would know about that in Vancouver #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
3rd period… killer instinct… insurance goals… PP goals? Who are these guys and what have you done with the #Canucks? #TGATTKent Basky
#Canucks outshot 41-28 but still leading 4-1. Note to team: in playoffs, goalies & D won’t be this obliging. #tgattgerimaple
That’s a wrap. Canucks win 4-1, Luo stops 40 shots. What a great 10 minutes, I hope that woke everyone up.
Good to see the #Canucks play a complete last 10 minutes of the game. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
#Canucks extinguish #Flames with fire-hose of goals late in the 3rd. #TGATTKeith Murray
Dear #flames. Thanks for padding Luongo’s stats tonight.Justine Galo
Props to Luongo for stopping 40 shots tonight despite not playing for a million games and going through a bunch of emotional shit. #CanucksKatie Maximick
"Unbeaten with Dustin Butler as their backup." Yes Shorty. Harharhar. #Canucksgladys
*HIGH FIVE* #CANUCKS FANS!!! Nucks explode for 3 goals in da turd and Luongo makes the most of his surprise start with 40 saves.Ed Lau
That’s it.  Next game is a Saturday nooner, see you all then.

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