The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 vs. Sharks 4 (OT)

In this last TGATT of the season, we recap the Canucks’ final game of the season – a 4-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks.

Are you disappointed? Mad? Sad? Glad?

Some people drink to drown their sorrows, some eat salad. D’fferent strokes, I suppose.

The Game According to Twitter: 2013 Playoffs R1G4: Vancouver Canucks 3 at San Jose Sharks 4 (OT)

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It’s a must-win or go home Game 4 for the Vancouver Canucks.  

They have to give it all 110%.  This is the game of their lives.  It’s now or never.  And throw in all other cliches.
Only 2:41 into the game, the Sharks open up a 1-0 lead.  Brent Burns tips in a Scott Hannan point shot.
LuuuuuuuuuuuSchneider’s Teeth
Games not over yet , why is AV packing a suitcase on the bench ??Wyatt Arndt
The Canucks get it back soon enough.  A few minutes after Burns’ goal, Mason Raymond dabbles with the puck by the blue line, throws it on net, and puts it past Antti Niemi.  Tie game.
Mason Raymond 1-1 Goal – Canucks at Sharks – R1G4 2013 Playoffs – 05.07.13 – HDcanuckshd
Hey look, we scored a goal!!! #Canucks #Game4 #TGATTKendra
The response the Canucks needed after giving up the opening goal. 1st goal in the 1st period against the Sharks this season!Shanel Pratap
Guess Mason Raymond’s perimeter play finally pays off … #canucksHosea Cheung
Late in the period, Derek Roy nudges Brad Stuart in the arm.  Looks like an innocent play, but Stuart gets some medical attention and the Sharks get a powerplay.
Hit still looked body-to-body to me upon replay and looked to be from the side and not behind. End result was nasty though.Daniel Fung
I respect that Stuart may be hurt or concussed, but that didn’t look close to a dangerous hit to me.John van der Woude
@alixiswright37 I thought he was mowed down by 5’8" Derek Roy and died.Justine Galo
Sharks score on the PP.
Pavelski pulls the spin-o-rama to beat Schneider. 2-1 Sharks.Canucks Misconduct
Shitballs. #CanucksLinds
I’m running out of things to Tweet. This series keeps repeating itself. #canucksKatie Maximick
*le sigh* #CanucksLia
For the first time ever Canuck fans are chanting "We Want Lou" in MayCount Bettman
I do not think that Cory is 100% Something seems…. not quite right… different #tgattDeborah D Burke
The first period ends with the Canucks trailing the Sharks 2-1.
could you imagine the songs taylor swift would write if she was a #canucks fan? "Now i’m lying on the cold hard ground"Diana
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Troubletaylorswiftvevo
Second period begins.  Look who’s resurrected.
Let’s all give it up for the courageous effort of Brad Stuart, shaking off that monster hit from Derek Roy and returning for the 2nd periodj.Bowman
Scott Gomez gets called for a slash.  It looks like he swung his stick at someone on the Canucks bench.
Wow, Gomez slashes at the #Canucks bench? That’s a wacky penalty to take.Ed Lau
Gomez you asshole. #canucksgladys
Wow, Scott Gomez, that’s possibly the dumbest penalty I’ve seen. Slashing someone on the opposing bench?Andrew Bucholtz
Perfect opportunity to tie up the game and get something going on the PP, right?  
Clumsy confused PP so far.Brent Butt
canucks take stupid penalty. sharks score. sharks take stupid penalty. canucks do nothing.Arnold K
Our Special Teams are looking like Ralph Wiggum kind of special. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Dan Hamhuis gets his stick up on Tommy Wingels.  Hammer gets him on the lip, and the Sharks have a 4-minute man-advantage.
Sharks power play, cover your eyesJason Botchford
Still a high stick yes, but it appears tommy Wingles has joined the head snap clubMatt Baker
Amazingly, the Canucks kill off the double-minor.
That kill should bring this add some life….shouldnt it?Shanel Pratap
Not quite.  Alex Edler hauls down Adam Burish, and the Sharks get another powerplay.  Okay, hauls down may be a bit strong. 
Burrish is already falling b4 Edler does anythg but that’s a penalty. What f’ing planet are the refs from!!!Jennifer Nelson
Burish falls down like a TimBits hockey student… Penalty #canucks. Pull a Roger Nielsen and put your towels on your sticks. We surrenderJustine Galo
At least the Canucks kill that PP too.  

No scoring in the second period.  Canucks still trail the Sharks 2-1.
I REALLY wanted some Seinfeld to be on TV for this intermission. Could’ve used the lift.j.Bowman
The very best of Seinfeldastrostart2
TSN’s Farhan Lalji interviews Ryan Kesler during the intermission, and Kesler produces one of the best lines of the season.
"We have to compete like bastards."Thomas Drance
compete like bastards? haha kesler you crazy guy.Arnold K
I’m going for a smoke #likeabastardBrowntoBure
If not anything else… @kbieksa3 & @Ryan_Kesler give us good hashtags. #milkhotdogs #competelikebastards #tgattJustine Galo
Third period begins.
20 minutes left in AVs career hereIan
In the spirit of Ryan Kesler.. #WeAreAllBastards.Farhan Mohamed
The Canucks start out pretty good.  The Sedins even started generating some chances to tie things up.  Daniel had the best one – staring at a wide-open net…  but hit the post.
@canucksgame /Tanner Glass’dIan
That blown Daniel chance pretty much sums it all up doesn’t it. #CanucksMatt Lee
But Alex Burrows does score.  He finishes a pretty passing play with Hank and Dank, and we have ourselves a 2-2 tie.
Alex Burrows 2-2 Goal – Canucks at Sharks – R1G4 2013 Playoffs – 05.07.13 – HDcanuckshd
There’s some Sedinerie!!!John van der Woude
Sedinerie? finally? too little too late? Let’s keep that going doods #TGATT #CanucksGlen Thayer
I just Burred all over my shirt. Tie game.Wyatt Arndt
And not even 2 minutes after that, Edler slaps one home after a nice feed from Burr after Mason Raymond made a great play to keep the puck in the offensive zone.  Canucks take a 3-2 lead.
Alex Edler 3-2 Goal – Canucks at Sharks – R1G4 2013 Playoffs – 05.07.13 – HDcanuckshd
Omg yes!! Edler with the dinger! #canucks #tgattTLChicken
Wait, I’ve been on Pinterest, did Edler really just score a goal to take the lead????? #Canucks #Game4 #TGATTKendra
Everybody Loves Edler! #CanucksJordan Ortillan
Raymond with the shift of his life (non Flames)Taj
YESSSSSSSSS – YES YES #CanucksCarson McKee
"Parade’s back on!" – overheard in the newsroom. #CanucksMike Hager
Sheesh.  Where has this Canucks team been the first 3 games of the series?
The Canucks are really competing like a group of 23 love-children, eh?Pass it to Bulis
We are all Bastards #CanucksMarda Miller
Late in the third period, Kevin Bieksa nudges Wingels.  Wingels sells the call and the Sharks are once again back on the powerplay.
I know zip about hockey, but no way.Stephen Quinn
Um…doesn’t that happen to the Sedins, like, all the time?John van der Woude
Bieksa: 2 minutes for calling out the shitty refs in the media.Leigh Ramsden
Canucks and Sharks divergence of strategy: #competelikebastards vs. #divelikebitchesj.Bowman
Sharks score.  Tie game again.
ffsTaryn D.
Well that was inevitable #Canucks #TGATTElmee Baterina
my body hurtsCanucks Game
Bieksa… Skate of shame..Blake Price
They never make it easy do theyShane Foxman CBC
Just let me know whether we think Cory Schneider is awesome or a bum, guys. I’m having a super duper difficult time keeping track.Dimitri Filipovic
We’re off to OT.  Next goal wins and if it happens to be against the Canucks the season is over OT.

Seems like an opportune time for some line juggling.
Season on the line. Might as well mix up the lines in overtime. #vigneaultHosea Cheung
AV has picked an interesting time to play mad scientist with the roster.Bryan F.
AV’s line combinations for OT: "Just play with whoever you are friends with. I don’t care"j.Bowman
Apparently, Jannik Hansen isn’t on the bench.  He’s hurt, and hence the line juggling.
ahhhh hansen is hurt.Arnold K
Okay, carry on.

Daniel Sedin battles for the puck and gets Wingels – again.  Questionable call to say the least.
HOW is that a penalty? shoulder to shoulder? no?Shanel Pratap
Sure, why not..Brian Wawryshyn
And of course, the Sharks score.  Game over.  Series over.
Daniel Sedin rightfully pissed..smashes stick numerous times down hallway, throws it against wall before entering dressing room.JAY JANOWER
If I’m Gillis, I take the fine and let it all out. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Maybe – likely – the last time we’ve ever seen Roberto Luongo in a Canucks jersey.
I was fine and then Luongo shaking hands made me weep.Jessica
I’ll be framing my Luongo jersey. @strombone1 deserves it. Best goalie we ever had.Chad Forrest
Till next season.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

J.J. Guerrero

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  1. Zach Morris says:

    It’s hard to believe it is all over.
    One the one hand, we get the change we need, even if it’s not the change we deserve.
    On the other hand, no more Luongo 🙁
    My favorite player all-time…

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