Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack Get New Masks

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Via canucks.com, we get a look at new Vancouver Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller’s mask.

And courtesy of The Score, we get a sneak peek at Eddie Lack’s as well.

Pretty slick, if I do say so myself. Love the blue and green on both. Especially love the tribute to Canucks history on Lack’s

J.J. Guerrero

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3 Responses

  1. sean says:

    aww come on guys, I’ve been waitting for a good article from this blog for weeks and this is what comes up? stop and take a look at the direction youre heading, your podcasts were good, near the end of last season, and I get that its the offseason, but do you really have to start turning into a buzzfeed for canucks news? Youre like 2-3 days late on the masks thing aswell. its barely relevant anymore.

  2. Appreciate the feedback @disqus_CKakhCG9PY:disqus! While you’re bang on about this post, you’ve probably noticed us messing around with our site and we thought it was best to start a trial run on how our content will appear moving forward.

    We’ve also made some other changes here at CHB over the off-season and I think you’ll be happy to see our renewed focus on what made us great – more C4, more CHB TV, more opinions, more focus on the Canucks community, and as always TGATT!

  3. sean says:

    also I just noticed the layout changes and they look pretty swell. my only knack right now is the comment moderation. it really limits discussion in the comments.

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