Today I Read: About Ference, Foolishness, and Fancy Stats

Some stuff I read today:

Ference deserved a four-game suspension for hit on Kassian [TSN]

The NHL suspended Edmonton Oilers captain, Andrew Ference, for 3 games following his headshot on Zack Kassian. On its own, that probably sounds fair. But as Kerry Fraser notes, this isn’t Ference’s first run-in with NHL DoPS. In fact, he’s been suspended twice recently for dangerous hits – in other words, he’s exactly the league’s definition of a repeat offender. Somehow, Ference received only the same 3-game suspension that they issued to Alex Burrows, who has never been suspended before last week and whose last disciplinary action against him was about 5 years ago for criticizing Stephane Auger.

Not even Malhotra can convince Bieksa to wear a visor [Vancouver Province]

This is just foolishness. If Manny Malhotra, whose career almost ended due to an eye injury, can’t convince his own teammates to wear a visor, I don’t know who can.

Canucks Deep Dive: October in Review [Canucks Army]

FANCY STATS! So the Canucks have had a good first month, taking good advantage of its early season schedule. Can they keep it up?

Does rescinded penalty set stage for expanded video review? [ESPN]

Wait, the game officials actually talked to each other to discuss whether or not a call is legit? Color me pleasantly surprised. Interesting piece here from Katie Strang.

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