2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Final Predictions

And then there were four. Four teams left to battle it out for a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup. The best in the East this year are the Rangers and the Lightning. The best in the West are the Blackhawks and the Ducks. Did you see this coming? I sort of didn’t. I knew the Rangers would make it but I had them playing the Habs. Shout out to Delia and Clay who predicted Stamkos and Bishop would prevail. I had it right in the West, as did all the CHBers except Ed who was Team Wild. Let’s see who gets it right in the last showdown before the big dance.


New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
They’re both tired. They both battled hard to get this far. They both have outstanding goalies. Tampa has Stamkos but NYR doesn’t seem to need a superstar. They’ve got that whole ‘everyone can make a difference’ attitude the Kings channeled last year and that’s why I say Rangers win in 6.

Other CHBer Predictions:
Lizz: Bolts in 7
JJ: Rangers in 7
Clay: Bolts in 7
Delia: Bolts in 6
Ed: Rangers in 7
Chris: Rangers in 6


Anaheim Ducks vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Hawks have the experience and the depth of talent required to win this. Ducks don’t. It’s really that simple. Toews, Kane, Sharp, Keith, Hossa are all performing to the best of their ability right now and their best has won Cups. Perry and Getzlaf are performing well but haven’t really been tested yet. And as a Canucks fan we all know that kid Kesler’s best is not Cup-worthy. Hawks in 6.

Other CHBer Predictions:
Lizz: Ducks in 6
JJ: Hawks in 7
Clay: Hawks in 6
Delia: Hawks in 7
Ed: Ducks in 7
Chris: Hawks in 6

What are your predictions? Tell us!


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